Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. In this post, I’ll be telling you more about Destination Imagination. If you haven’t read my previous DI posts, feel free to do that. If you want to learn more about what is Destination Imagination, read my previous DI posts or visit their website. Anyways, let’s jump straight into the post.

For DI, there’s 3 tournaments. The regional, the provincial, and the global. In this post, I’ll be talking about the Provincial tournament. For Provincials, the top three teams from each challenge go to globals. Unfortunately for us, we don’t go to globals even if we’re in the top 3. Anyways, let’s talk about Provincials.

First, I’ll start off with what our challenge was. For my team, we had to create a story that shows a disease being solved. The disease must include at least one symptom and a diagnosis. We had to create a model that represents what part of the human body the disease is effecting and a scene that is viewed from two perspectives. Our challenge is called, the Medical Mystery.

Now between regionals and provincials, we get 1 month to make changes. In this one month, we try our best to improve so we can come on top of the other teams. Before we get to all that amazing stuff, our team has set some improvement goals for Provincials. Also, please read my Regionals post for more details about how we did in that tournament. Anyways, in this chart below, are the percentage we want to improve. 

If you think that the percentages are not high and are easy to achieve, well you’re wrong. It is extremely hard to get 100%. Nothing is perfect. Based off of this chart and our previous scores, we actually improved a lot. Here’s the difference between Regionals score and Provincials scores.


Regionals Score

Provincials Score



Now let’s talk about the changes we made. We changed a lot actually. If you didn’t see my previous performance, stop right here and go check it out. Anyways, first, we lost a team member, unfortunately he wasn’t able to go to Provincials. So the first thing we did was to change our story. We found out that our story from last time was too long so we had to shorten our script. With a team member leaving, it actually made that part easier. This time, we actually finished our performance. The next thing was the stage blocking for our double vision, the thing that shows a scene from two perspectives. Last time, we had a green box that didn’t fit at all. This time though, we created small trees that shows we’re in a forest. The last thing we changed was our Sympt-O-Matic. This is the model that shoes what part of the human body is being effected by the disease. Last time, our model didn’t even stand. We made sure that we added stands so we can see the sympt-o-matic from both the outside and inside. Finally, we made small changes to characters and parts of the story. Anyways, here’s our performance.

This year’s DI went a lot better than last year. The school was a lot more neat and less confusing to get around. This year was also a good year for our DI teams. Almost every team in my grade (grade 9), came 2nd. I actually had fun instead of being stressed out like last year. Not to mention, my dad was a life saviour. Thanks Dad. Anyways, if I were to compare DI from this year to last year, I would say it’s more organized, people actually tried (kinda), and we weren’t all that stressed out for the most part. Now for the big announcement, my team, the medical men’s of mystery, or MMM, or Jason, Amelia, Caleb, Alex, and I, we came in 2nd place. The only sad part was that the Grade 10 team from our school came 1st in our challenge and  we had to compete against them and they were good so that was the only bad part. Anyways, this year’s DI was great and I hope it can be the same next year.