Hello and welcome back to my blog! In this blog post we will be talking about the week 9 student blogging challenge! If haven’t read my previous blog post s about my other weekly challenges, make sure you read them too! Now let’s get into it.

For week 9, it’s all about coding. Our task was to do the hour of coding and share the experience and what we learnt from it. Here is all the challenges we had to do. There might also be something unusual at the end!

Personally, I’ve done quite a bit of coding before. I’ve done the hour of coding before and I also did coding on Hopscotch. Hopscotch is an app that allows you to play games other people created, or you can create your game. It doesn’t have to be a game, you can code basically anything you like that’s simple. Now onto the main task, the hour of coding. The task is to complete on of the challenge on Hour of Coding website. I chose the Minecraft one. It was actually pretty cool. So let’s jump straight into it.

The challenge started off extremely easy. All you had to do was place the block “Move Forward” until you reach your goal which would be the chest.

As you move forward, the challenge gets harder and harder. Instead of putting “Move Forward” so many times, something called repeat until goal will show up. This allows you to only put one move forward block but still reaches the goal.

Now moving forward, the map begins to be more challenge and it really makes you think. The blocks also change but it can make your life a lot easier if you use them correctly. I won’t tell you the answer to each one just in case if you want to try it out but I will tell you some hints. As you go deeper into the challenge, you will encounter a “If path, turn left/right.” That means if there is a path it will turn either left or right. You will want to put something that allows it to turn so it turns.

Now near the end, you’ll have all the blocks to complete your task. Don’t overthink it. I won’t give you any hints on this one so you can figure it out yourself. For me, this entire course was actually quite fun to do. I do recommend you all to try it out. The experience wasn’t so bad either, it was fun but challenging if you do the harder ones. For now, I will only say…

Goodbye Everyone
Make Sure You Read
My Previous Challenges and Stay
Tuned For More Posts In The Future!

Thats it everyone! For now Peace.