Hi, my name is Sam. I’ve been doing something called the blogging challenge. This post is about the Week 2 Challenges. One of my challenges is to write quality comments on other people’s posts. If you want to know about my rules of commenting, please read my post about it. Anyways, let’s get straight into it.

Comment #1

First, you want a beginning. For example, my comment started with “Hi Sofia.” After the beginning, you’ll want a middle. For example, the middle could be your compliments about what you liked. Now, you’ll want a ending. For example, the ending could be a less specific compliment. Something like “Hoping to see more posts in the future” or “Keep up the good work” would be good. Before you post your comment, check if it is mean or inappropriate. Check for punctuation, spelling errors and grammar as well. For my next two comments, it was quite similar. It all had a beginning middle and a end.

Sometimes, you might even want to link your blog or ask a question. Those are very good if you want to communicate with the blogger. If you want, you should also add your name at the end of each comment. Overall, please comment with care and don’t share any personal information. Until next time, peace.