Truthfully… I lied

It’s week six of our Student Blogging Challenge. 

This week we are looking at SCIENCE. I have a fair amount of science related posts on this blog from past projects, so if you want to look at some of those:

Fred & George Are Smol Sprouts

Chemically Elemental

Project Frankenstuffie

Lab Safety

Some of those posts are pretty old so no extreme scrutinizing judgment please :}

This week we had the decision to do at least two of the following challenges:

I have decided to do the challenge “Two Truths and a Lie” and “A-Z Science version”



Thank you for reading! What do you think is the lie? What’s your favourite scientific word? What words would you place in the blank spaces?

One thought on “Truthfully… I lied

  1. Hi, Tamara!
    I think the lie is cytoplasmic skeleton.
    My favorite scientific word of the ones you posted is “quantum”.
    H – Helium
    J – Joule
    T – Titanium
    X – X-ray
    Y – Yttrium
    Z – Zoology

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