Ronald Reagan, the AIDS Crisis, and My Learning Experience

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Today, we will be discussing one of the most beloved and iconic leaders of modern times: Ronald Reagan. Reagan was the 40th President of the United States, who served from 1981 to 1989. He was a former actor and governor of California who went on to leave a lasting legacy as a conservative president who championed for smaller government, reduced taxes and a strong national defence.

Despite his successes, Reagan faced numerous challenges during his presidency, including the Iran-Contra affair, the AIDS crisis and the ongoing struggles of the economy. However, his leadership and unwavering commitment to his beliefs helped him to overcome these obstacles, and he remains a symbol of American strength and resilience in the American public’s mind.

Billy Joel’s song, “We didn’t start the fire,” offers a glimpse into the diverse array of characters and events that have shaped our world. It’s no surprise that Reagan and the AIDS crisis were among the most notable to me. I feel passionate about the mistakes Reagan and his administration made surrounding not only the AIDs crisis, but also around the war on drugs and Iran-Contra.

The final product we were producing was a massive class website that included a lesson plan, a video, and an overview of why we believe that Billy Joel chose our event.

I discussed in my MPOL that I wanted to work on finding ways to engage with and enhance my learing. In this project I did a really succinct job at finding the parts of the project I was passionate about and building them up. In my mind, my presentation and my understanding of the subject was a success.

However, there were still areas where I could have improved. For example, I found that I struggled with time management during the project. I often found myself getting caught up in the details and losing sight of the bigger picture, which caused me to fall behind on my deadlines. Additionally, I realized that I didn’t seek out as much feedback from my peers and professors as I could have. While I did receive some helpful feedback, I think that by seeking out more perspectives, I could have improved my project even further.

President Reagan presents an introduction for the Horatio Alger Association
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Moving forward, I plan to use what I learned during this project to continue to improve my learning experience. Specifically, I want to work on improving my time management skills and finding a better balance between focusing on the details and keeping the bigger picture in mind. Additionally, I want to make a point of seeking out feedback from a wider range of sources, including classmates and professors, in order to get a more well-rounded understanding of my strengths and areas for improvement.

Overall, I am proud of the work I did on this project and feel that I made significant progress in my goal of enhancing my learning. While there is always room for improvement, I am confident that by continuing to focus on these areas, I can continue to grow and succeed in all of my future endeavors.

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