My Triptych!

I made my Triptych with the editing app SuperimposeX! I used historical paintings from the Renaissance, with the historical innovations to create each panel (except the middle because I didn’t need historical innovations for that one!). I also had to edit my face into each panel, because my Triptych is staring me!

Learning about the Renaissance was a journey for me; it started hard, but slowly became easier. It was hard for me at first because I was learning so much information so fast, and I had to takes NOTES! I was very overwhelmed, but as I took more and more notes, I got used to it, and it stared becoming helpful. Because I was learning so much, it was hard to remember everything. But as I took notes, I would have a page of the information I need, and could always look back too.

From this project I took two important things; the skill of photoshop, and being able to take notes again(and actually appreciate them!). I was really happy with this projects, even with its ups and downs, ending with a Triptych I know I worked hard on and am proud of. I also think I answered the driving question: “How did ideas from Europe and Asia change the world?”.

Do you think I answered the driving question? 

Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by creating some of the greatest thinkers, authors, scientists and artists in human history. Without these people we wouldn’t have important everyday items, like technology, such as iPhones and computers. During the Renaissance, there were important movements, like Martin Luther’s 95 theses, which affected society. His 95 theses was against the church, and because he could share it so fast with so many people, it made real change. Without the scientists during the renaissance, we might not be as far ahead with medical innovations and knowledge, or information about space. Without the Renaissance, our lives would be different, our advances in technology and science would be different, and our world views would be different.

New ideas in the Renaissance changed the Renaissance world by creating a sufficient way to measure time, a way for people to see, and a way to easily spread/duplicate information. Measuring time was something people could already do, but by creating the mechanical clock, time could be measured more exactly. This was so important because it created structure in everyday life. People being able to see was also very important, wether with a microscope to see smaller objects, or with glasses for people with visual impairments. Spreading information was, in my opinion, one of the most significant innovations at the time. Having the printing press led to change, growth, life, and death, just by being able to share an opinion to a larger group of people quickly.

Traditional ideas that people had before the Renaissance weren’t as efficient, effective, and easy to use. The hourglass, for example, was inaccurate most of the time, and could never give your the actual time, rather just how long it had been since the last time you flipped it. The hourglass was a helpful, but inefficient, and needed to be changed. Copying writing was also an issue, because it would take hours and hours to hand write a copy of a book, for only one new book to be made. This process took so long, while also making access to education more minimal. Even a common book is educational, and the fact that only people with wealth could have them was wrong and negatively affected society.

New ideas from the Renaissance changed my world today by leading to proper healthcare, proper education, and technology. Without proper healthcare, I might not even be alive(every 4th child born during the Renaissance died within the first year, a big part of that coming from poor healthcare)! There have been many times where I, or people I know, have gone to the hospital, and gotten the help they need, sometimes even life saving. Having a proper education is also something that has “changed my world”, because the more I learn, the more I can grow as a person, learn about myself, and hopefully help the world. Technology has changed my world as well, which was effected by significant innovations in the Renaissance, such as lenses and the printing press. Technology affects me because I use it everyday, in school or at home, and having constant new information right in the palm of my hands affects my opinions and worldview.

The greatest thinkers, authors, scientists and artists during the Renaissance changed the world. Without them we would not be where we are today.

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