My Canada

Canada is coming up to 150 years, this July. So to celebrate, a whole bunch of people are making videos about what they like about Canada. Or, more specifically, what Canada means to you. And, of course, we are doing it too.

To start this off, some people came from Ontario to talk about it. Then we each made a script, and they recorded us. Those videos will be submitted as one of our videos. Oh, I forgot to mention that this is a contest. The winners get a whole bunch of prizes. Everyone can submit up to three videos. So, one down.

I wanted to make my video about free healthcare in Canada. This is very important to me because I recently hurt my ankle. And since in Canada there is free healthcare, I could go to the doctors without my mom getting a huge bill afterwards.

To make my video, I chose to use Explain Everything. From there, I made a short cartoon-like video to make my point. But this was only my first draft. It didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, but I had lots of time to get critiqued by my peers and edit it.

The second draft, the one I’m on now, went a lot better. I decided that instead of making an animation, I would make it look like a storybook. So I hopped on over to Sketches Pro. I made the drawings that i would need in that app, then exported them into Explain Everything. I got the script from draft one, and put it on the pages. I then exported it to iMovie, created as song using GarageBand, added them together, and ta da! My video.