MPOL-Midyear Presentation of Learning!!

Hello!! This is my blog post for something that is very confusing for anybody who is not in the program that I am in, PLP. This thing is called an MPOL. MPOL stands for a Midway Presentation Of Learning. We do these instead of Parent-Teacher Interviews. So, instead of a rushed, 5 minute talk, we, […]


Star Wars: A Mini Blue Sky Project

Hello! This is my blog post all about our 2019 Winter Exhibition project. Yes, I already did a post about this. That was for our Scimatics project. You can find that post here. Anyways, for this project we were tasked with creating a mini Blue Sky project. The exhibition was also themed around Star Wars, […]


Mazer Tag

Hello! Wow, I haven’t written a blog post in a long time. Anyways, this is my reflection post for our final Scimatics unit of 2019! Of course, there are many more units to come in 2020, but as 2019 is ending, we say goodbye to these projects. For this unit. Our focus was to find […]