Field Studies

Canoes, Peach Juice, and Italy: A Loon Lake Advance

Hello Lovely Readers, and welcome back to another bog post. On April 4, the PLP 10 cohort (my classmates and I) went on a trip. And not just any trip. An advance. Yes, that’s right. In PLP, we never retreat, only advance. Loon Lake Lodge was overtaken by 21 grade 10 students for four days. […]

Destination Imagination Maker

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Welcome back Lovely Readers! Today, I am going to be talking about Destination Imagination. Recently, on April 2, my team and I, (Insert Team Name Here), presented our solution to our challenge at DI provincials. We were the Fine Arts challenge, and there were three other challenges that were being competed in. PLP participates in DI […]