Star Wars blue sky

I think that Star Wars is just like this project because in the beginning it seems all fine, but then it looks like it’s going to go horribly wrong and end very badly but it all works out in the end. On a serious note though this project was a very fun project and was one of the more interesting projects we’ve done this year. For the project we had to research one question we had about Star Wars and really go into depth researching the question and figuring out the answer.

At the end we had to present it to anyone that wanted to come see it in our winter exhibition. Basically anyone that wanted to come to our plp winter exhibition could come and view our project if they wanted to, which was kind of scary but also kind of exciting. My question for this project was our bigger ships or smaller ships more effective in battle. It took me quite a while to figure out the answer to this question, but eventually I got it done in my LAUNCH journal:
Launch journal

I think that this project helped me as a learner in many different ways. The main thing I think it helped is my researching skills. For this we really had to find stuff about Star Wars and make sure it was true, because Star Wars is fiction and people could make up things about it. After a lot of my research I came to the conclusion that smaller ships if there are more of them were more effective. There are multiple reasons to support this like they are faster and more manoeuvrable etc. This research took me quite a long time and I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with a conclusion and I think I did a good job of researching and finding out the answer to my question.

The final stage of this project was to test a question in real life and see if the research you did online matched up with the experiment you did in real life. For my experiment I used paper airplanes, one of a big Star Wars ship and one of a small Star Wars ship and threw them and see which one went farther. Overall I think this experiment was inconclusive and there were multiple variables that could’ve affected it. One of those was that they both weigh the same and if they were life-size they wouldn’t have. At the end of this experiment the small ships ended up going further so it didn’t match up with my research but I think that was just a coincidence. Here’s a video of me throwing them and measuring how far they went. Again, I think this was a very inconclusive experiment but it was kind of fun to do just to see how far they went. These are photos of my paper airplanes. The first one is a tie fighter, and the second one is a star destroyer.


The exhibition was a very scary and nerve-wracking experience, but it was definitely exciting. A lot of people came over and talk to me about my project and at first I was really nervous for anybody to come but after about a half an hour to an hour I really got the hang of it and I think my presentation was really good by the end. After a while exhibition was actually really fun, and was good practice for presenting to people that I don’t know. Overall, I think that this project was super fun and pretty different from anything we’ve done this year, or even ever!








Molecular video games!

This project was a scimatics project, and it was very fun. The first thing that we did was do a mind map. The mind map included what we already know and what we want to learn about matter. This only took us around a day so it was not a big part of our project. The first big thing that we did in this project was a gemstone identification challenge. For this we had to find the volume of a gemstone that our teacher gave us and match it up with known volumes of gems stones and see if ours lined up with any of the examples. This was a pretty fun activity and I enjoyed it. After that we drew two atoms and one molecule for the next part of our project which was coding a game on scratch. Here are the drawings that I made:

The first two are atoms and the second one is a molecule. Before the final thing, which was designing and coding our game, we had to plan it out. My plan was to make a game where atoms are falling from the sky and you have to catch them all in order to win. After that stage we actually got to code our game, which was very fun. If you want to look at or play my game click Here. I think overall that this was a very fun project and I got to express my learning in ways that were interesting and exciting. I also think that this was a super cool way to learn and I hope we do more things like it in the future.

Back in the Middle Ages…

This project was a humanities project about the Middle Ages and it was a pretty short one. We started this project by reading a book called The Book of The Lion. 

The book was a little bit of a slow one—most people that were reading it agreed with that. Although it was slightly boring it was only about 400 pages long so it didn’t take a long time to read it. It was about a boy named Edmund who became a squire in the Middle Ages. After the book ended all we had to do was discuss themes and then we were basically done with The Book of the Lion. Although the book was a little bit slow, I thought this part of the project was pretty engaging.


The next thing that we did was a character letter where we pretended to be somebody from the middle ages writing a letter to somebody else and it was very interesting because you could really become the person that you were pretending to be. I think that this help me understand fully what it would be like to live back then.


The last part of this project was a presentation about one aspect of life back in the Middle Ages compared to today, which we had to research and then present. We did this in partners and my partner was Nya. (This is her blog: Nya’s Blog) The two things that we researched were astrology and handheld weapons/combat strategies. I think that this was good practice for research because it wasn’t very difficult. One thing that I learned that was pretty interesting about combat strategies was in the middle ages a strategy that they had was to go on a hill near the city and just shoot arrows in the sky and hopefully hit people. They later got rid of this strategy because it was pretty ineffective and wasted a lot of good arrows as you might be able to imagine. For the presentation I think that I was a little bit nervous and I should’ve done a little bit more planning.

Overall I think this project was very interesting because it help me understand what life was like back in the Middle Ages. In particular and makes you think about the fact that peoples lives were much more expendable. And on the topic of comparing life now too fast then it’s interesting to think about how they would’ve dealt with the Black Plague because now we are dealing with the coronavirus but today we have a better understanding of how disease is spread and how to prevent them from being spread so it is less concerning than it would’ve been back in the Middle Ages. I think that it was helpful to learn about life in the Middle Ages compared to life now and it helps me appreciate what life is like today.