The Renaissance and… Music?

For this last project in humanities we learned about the Renaissance and we made a song. Our driving question was who or what has challenged your worldview in the transition from elementary school to high school? Now you are probably wondering what correlation those two things have and don’t worry… so did I. At first I was extremely confused, but I realized that the song was about the transition from elementary to high school, and we were learning about the effects of the renaissance and what it caused, so that’s the connection. Both of those things are about being exposed to new things and how that broadens your mind and the way that you think.


There were two competencies that were assessed for this project. The first one was create, which is pretty self explanatory. It is basically how I used skills to create what was being created, which in this case was a song. I think that I did pretty well on this aspect of the project because I used a lot of my iPad skills to create the song. The second competency that was assessed was cause and consequence. This one confused me a little because I wasn’t too sure how I was being assessed. I think it is how we showed cause and consequence with our song lyrics, and if that’s case I think I did pretty well on it. I really had to bring my experiences from my transition and put them into the lyrics. The cause was moving from elementary to high school and the consequence was all these things that were increased like homework and just work in general and so on.


For this project we made a song! The song was really fun to make and the lyrics we’re also really fun to make because we can make some very silly lyrics and I got a few good laughs out of some of my lyrics and some of other peoples lyrics. Our song was basically a parody of REM’s It’s The End Of The World As We Know It. The lyrics had to be about the transition from elementary to high school. Here are my lyrics for my song:


As I said earlier I really enjoyed making these lyrics and as you can probably tell I had some fun with it. For the actual song it took me not too long to record but there was a few microphone interruptions and I had to fix them which took me a little while. If you want to listen to my song it’s right here:

The next part of our project was to make a group song with two other people and combine our lyrics. We then had to make a video with all photos of all of us from grade 7 or 8. The making of the slideshow was really fun because I got to see a bunch of photos from my past and from my friends past. For this project I worked with Logan and Nate (Nate’s blog and Logan’s blog). Working in a group was helpful because when we are writing the lyrics if somebody had a verse that they didn’t like, somebody else would have a verse that could replace it. In other words working in a group improved our creative process. This is our song and video:


Overall, I think this project was very interesting and I learned a lot about the renaissance and making music. This definitely made me think about my worldview and how much I’ve changed over the last year. It was very nostalgic looking at my old photos and choosing which ones to put in my video. This project definitely help me with the competencies, which were create and cause and consequence. And lastly I think this project help me learn about how our world was shaped, because of the renaissance, and how my world was shaped, because of my worldview.

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