Hello everyone lets begin with introducing my mom and dad to the teachers.

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

So we are going to talk about each project that happened this year in grade 9 there was 6 total projects so far through this semester, 3 were in Humanities and the other 3 were in Scimatics. The first project we started off the year with was People in the Environment this project was mostly about how to write a letter the most proper way but that not just it we had to do a lot of stuff to get to that point and one thing I had a tuff time on was the Commonlit work it was very confusing and I just did not get it, it was very hard for me to keep up with this work and I might have gone to a couple morning classes to get it down, and I may have not gone to one got into a little bit of trouble from that. Here’s a little example of some Commonlit writing.  So basically you had to read a passage that was sort of long and  then answer questions about the passage yes it sounds easy which it was but then there was a different workbook thing and it was quite hard if I say so myself.  Looks like this.

The whole main part of this project was a to make a letter to a make the environment better so my main topic was to try to make the forest fires less likely by making mor ads in social media because that’s were most of the younger generation is and that the people that are going to take over the people jobs now, the person I wrote the letter to was to John Horgan. The letter was a big proses we had lots of reflections and a lot of grammar mistakes, so I stated by doing a rough draft and that was decent but definitely not great at all so we had to fix it. We did do that and yes it came out to be a great little letter.      So this was the final project, I could not find any rough drafts on the letter but this is the final one that got sent to John Horgan.

Some things I did great on in this project is the letter it really did make sense to make more advertising form the forest fires because the Okanogan really needs work on the forest fire part because every year it seems there is a massive forest fire. I also did well in taking feedback form my teachers and actually making that into a good letter. Some thing I needed to improve on in this project was definitely the Commonlit workbook things because I was way behind in that.


The next project was for Scimatics and it was a group project, I was with Mateo and Landon I will put a link to there blog at the end of the post, this project was about exponents laws and we had to make a bored game about it. I’m very proud of this project because it was very well executed and it was very fun to. So this project started off with meeting my new teacher Mr.Harris, then we got into partners and we started by doing this little game on a white bored where you had to start off with just 1 dice and make a game from that then we had 2 dice so we had to make a game from that then lastly we had to make a game from 2  dice and +- Multiplication and division. After that we got into the actual project were we assigned to make a rough draft on the game we were going to make, I will just show you the real game rules so it does not get confusing. Those are the game rules that we created at first the game was very confusing even for me but you really just had to play it and you would understand. So after we got the game rules done we decided to make the game bored, the game bored had some inspiration from one of are friends Sepaus by the way he did allow us to do that.

I think the project went really well we had great teamwork and also great skills as you can see, the one thing I could improve on is probably the work sheets and staying on task, even though we did get a good mark I would say stay on task.

So far throughout these to projects my growth as a learner was very good but the only thing was heading in work on time.

The next project we stared was the Revolution on Trial project were the main part was to make a court case about some sort of revolution that we got given. This project was also another group project, the project first started off solo though then got into the groups.

Nation X

So the project started off very fun wit this thing called Nation X, Nation X was this role play almost, so there was a group of peasants, shop owners, cops, and the royalty. The royalty could do anything while the peasants and the store owners did not have much freedom. Anytime the Royalty did not like anything they could just send you to jail, I myself was a peasant and are only duty was to write an 100 word essay everyday, but the catch was that the peasants could make there own rules for there section. So days went on with yes action well unless to count me going to jail every second but days went on and finally the king stepped down and makes him second man the new king an that were me and Mateo talked to the old king and said let’s rush the capital and take, over so we formed a big group and we just stormed it and actually took it over, they we planned to build a wall and take half of the land. They Ms.Maxwell shut it down because it got quite intense with a bunch of people arguing that there side was better, then we had to calm down and discuss what are land had to offer, so the group I was telling the complete truth, like we are all the same we don’t have any royalty of anything just food, water and a dream, but the other side was very not realistic they said they had a farming system and building and all of that crap so I think are side won but thats just me.

So after that we started to get into are actual group for are court case and all of that good stuff, so my Revolution was the French Revolution with so we had to start this project by reading a book called animal farm, the book was about how animal wanted to start a Revolution on the farm owner because he did not treat them well at all and they wanted a revolution by there old leader Old major who sadly died Rip. Every chapter we had to write a little chapter summary so it could help us on the long run which actually was very smart because it did help me we the end of the book test, which was a 1 hour test that you had to write as much as you can about animal farm.that’s what the chapter summary looks like. So after the whole animal Farm, then we got into the actual court case now for sure this time, so we started by creating a Graphic organizer which was basically creating a little organizer on what happened, main events, main people, key triggers.  This was pretty rushed because I cant lie   I was very confused because I did not have enough info of I was not listing one or the other really it does not look bad but there is not much info there and it definitely could have looked better. The next thing we did was getting into crunch time the winter Expedition was coming up and we had to work I say work, so basically we were just making lines for each other to get the court case Mock trail a ready, the first trail we did was just the French Revolution and thats it they we had a dress rehearsal and presented in front of the whole class and that was a day before the actual Winter Expedition, so I only had a couple lines to say because we had a big group but I still helped the team out and all of that. So it was the day of the winter Expedition and everyone is nerves and saw some who were excited but ya know I cant lie I was a tad nerves but thats normal, so a lot of the time there we were waiting until we had to present.

I think I had a lot of growth from this project I got to be in a group with people I normally with and also be more out to public speaking and have a fun way to make a project. I could not reflect on the learning plan because it was blocked but thats alright.

The next project is in Scimatics and it’s called Correlation vs Causation this project was about getting feedback from people and putting it into graph and making a presentation out of it.

We started this presentation out with getting partners to work with i choose ewan and Landon which was maybe not the best choice but we got it done. Then we started this project off by asking my classmates what thee height was and there finger length then we put that into a numbers document and then it either had a correlation or a causation. After that we had to make a theme for are presentation. So are first theme was very bad it was like angry birds and green beans and some other dumb stuff but then we were thinking that is actually so dumb and we went full sweat mode and did swimming and cramps and screen time to sleeping hours and that is what made us get a great mark. So hear the photos of the final product so there is not many for thing to talk about in this project because it was very simple but just time consuming. This project for me was not a it was just that I was very distracted by my group members that it tho i did everything else good.

The last Humanities project so far this year is about Poetry the project is called working with words. This project was probably the shortest one we had it was like 2 weeks and we just had to write a poem  everyday well a different one of course. This project started of by learning about poem and how to read poetry and at the end of every class we had to create 1 or 2 poem to make into your book creater, book creater is a an app that basically makes it easier to create a book so after we did every poem we had to make the book so every page there needs to an Comprehension text as well as a text, photo, gif anything like that. We also had to make a poem with 4-5 other people and share that to are parents at the very end of are project, anyways the book creater thing was very fun but also not because I had to stay up a little to late to finish it where talking like 12;30. Anyways I will stop with the talking and i will let you see my Book creater.

so my growth on this project was very good i was basically always on Time with my work and I also think that I’m also very good at making books because this one is very good, also it exited my horizon to making poetry i still dont really like it but its there if I need it.


The last project in this mPOL is another Scimatics project and this one was the hardest yet this one was definitely the one that took the most time the most skill and the most effort. The project we did was we had to animate a whole two story’s about Bohr models.

So before we even got close to start animating we had to do sooooooo many workbooks and they definitely were not small either it was a full workbook and we had to do like 6 or something and were not even at the animation part. So mid way through the project we started to get closes to the animation stage but still not near, we had to make a story bored which was not easy coming up with two whole story’s, so after that I spent a lot of time looking up the time span of an phosphorus and all of that it was not easy at all. So after we did all the story bored stuff we went on to start animating finally right? I was trying to figure out what app to use because keynote is way to hard and it was so time consuming I just could not do it , so I decided to go to this app cauldron FlipaClip it was way less confusing but maybe a little bit less of a quilty animation then keynote. So after day’s and days of grinding we finally finished with just balmy any time to spare. So here it is. IMG_1333 just click on the link and you will be there. My growth on this project was to make more space for every school work like humanities and scimatics because both of them interfered with each other.

If you made it this far thank you have  have a great day.




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