Metaphor Machines

Scimatics blog post 

Hello everyone today is the blog post about scimatics and the metaphor models, this project  was about making rude Goldberg machines and also doing the stupid math. 

The start

The start was the very hard to get because the math was very hard to understand and to get still don’t know much about it 😬. Anyways the start was all like worksheets and all of that stuff, I can’t lie the worksheets were not that bad they were very interesting at some parts, other were very boring. The page to  there right is mostly what the work sheets look like you read the pages then you work on the pages we got assigned. After all the work sheets and all of that we had to get into the labs, these labs we sort of tuff to understand at first then got fairly easy to get. The labs started off with getting a group together and making a wire contraption like this on you right. So after to put the words together on the battery you had to get the volts,Ohms and amp on the circuit (yellow thing). After the IRL diagram you had to make one in the PHET simulator  the one at third down Is what the PHET looks like. 

 Driving Question 

What factors affect the function and efficiency of electric circuits?

The driving question is in my opinion the lab part about project also with the final part which I have not been to yet that will be a different section. So the lab part was where we all got into the circuit and all the electrical stuff so that where we got the circuit from, then the function and efficiency was from the rude Goldberg machine because we had to find efficient ways to connect are pieces together also it of course has to function. 

The Goldberg Machine 

The whole main project was around the fact that we had tot make a rude Goldberg Machine and presage tit to the class with a voice over in slow-motion. The start of the gold berg machine was that we had to make a diagram on some idea of the machine you what to have on your machine, then after that we came to as a group and decided what idea where good and that you wanted to put on your bored. After all of the organizing stuff we went out and got a piece of paper and drew a scale diagram on what it would look like, then we painted and then we got to start building. The start of the building part was definitely the hardest because we had no idea what we should do or any techniques that we had at the time. After we got all the techniques it was sort of a Bree’s from there. Here was the final project. IMG_1537 that is the final results. 

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