A War

Hello everyone today we are going over the project that I finished called A war to End all Wars this was about I certain Canadian war that then you had to make into a comic that was fully  coloured and drawed up. 

The start 

So at the start of this project we started with doing of course the introduction to the WW1 and learning things about what did word war 1 do that was affected and what happened in WW1 after that we got introduced into a book we had to read called World War 1: 1914-1918 sound pretty boring but it was pretty good actual it was comic so it was something I was not complaining about read it, the book was basically about all the important was that happened in WW1 also that was all about the Canadian aspect. After the book we got into these groups that I thought was going to about the whole project but all we had to do was make a 5 W’s chart and tell your group what you found about he war. After we got to know a little bit about WW1 we watched a film called 1917 it won like 3 Grammys or something like that it was very good and I could definitely see what the book and the movie had in common but the movie was definitely better then the book for sure. After the movie we had to start doing the project and that was the comic that was fun but also very tuff and very time consuming it was very hard to make the scene look what you want them to look. I almost forgot my comic topic was about the Givenchy war at first I thought it was the whole war but it was just the Canadian part of it so my research was a little off but at this time I could not really change it so I had to research and do the comic at the same time because I was running out of time but after a lot of grinding we finished but not quite in time. 

Driving question 

How can I support an understanding of WW1 and it’s affect on Canada within a comic panel?

So this is the first driving question I think I can answer this question by saying make you panels detailed and make sure of course that you have the right information on what Canada did in the horrible battle of WW1. 

 How can a graphic novel support my understanding of WW1?

I thought the book was great because I like learning in those types of ways so I thought that’s as a great thing t learn off of. But the real answer is that the book had a lot of seating details that the movie did not have and also the book had key things on what happened in teh topics w had to chose from as well. 


After you have Read all of that you get to see my final comic that I did. As you may know it was on the Givenchy war. 

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