Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest-actually evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

Hello everyone before we start I will introduce everyone. So I’m going to start off with things I think I exceeded in this year.


I found that scimatics was sort of a weak class for me I found that I did not have much drive for this class unless it was a fun way which was like doing the garlic experiment in class also making the snow with the water and the different liquid thats are way to confusing to mention scimatic is a class that I need for explanation and need to be taught face to face. I found that the math part of scimatics was tuff for me because we basically got stranded on the work sheet and had to just send it basically and learn when you actually mark the pages and then you get taught so after that I was already lost and then we had to get in a harder pages then I was just lost. 

 The first project was one of the first ones, the project was in |Scimatics it was the Game Of Exponent Laws this was a very fun project that I did which was just getting the year started with a bang. This project was in a group so I had to use my sharing skills and always have an opened mind when my group comes up with a idea. Escape Sepaus  The one part of this project where I was vey proud on is the teamwork aspect because we al wanted to make this project fun but also have a great mark which is pretty obvious. The way that we made it so fun was when we came up with idea of the sepaus game board because as I said we thought it was going to be a very fun way to make are project good and have a good mark. 

Another project that I think I did good on was the metaphor machines this was also a group project but this time this project was less fun and more serious this project was all about making a Rube Goldberg machine. 



Maker this year was a roller coaster there was different things form last year there was a new aspect of Maker that was not there last year at least, this was the First Film project where you had to make a documentary and also make little film as well. The one thing that’s always happens is not my favourite but its a classic so we have to do it. Anyways Maker this year was different in the aspect of how much work we had to do in Maker. Maker this year was on an off for me this year in work aspect, DI was sort of weird because in the subject I was put on in Role Play so it did not cause any homework unless just researcher the different festivals or bring boxes to school, so when it came to making are documentary’s it was sort of a wake up call when we had to do all the filming and different movie skills because that took a lot of work to edit the mini movies. This things I did good on in maker was the documents in my opinion because yes it was short but I fell like it was edited well and had a lot about Mt.Seymour little league. There is not much to show you in media wise here because they are all like videos and that will take basically all my time. The first film project is defiantly the most interesting and the most fun to be in class in with the Doc a Day segments and the mini movie we had to do with groups or by yourself the one thing that I really enjoyed making and watching was the interviewing I did with Landon and Erik. 


Well well well good old humanities this year I felt like I definitely Did a lot of thing to pass this year but I can tell you that this was definitely not my best year in homework wise I mainly handed stuff in late but I also did great work in humanities like the Working with words book all the poetry was really from the heart it was all about the thing that I like mostly about baseball and the graphic and aesthetic was good on the pages.

. The hard parts of Humanities was the commonlits and handing in the war comic and trying to grind for the due date that I did not complete but I got it handed with a not a bad mark and I thought that My art was pretty good actually the story was a little bit off the top when I came into doing all the drawings but I thought I did good on the case for nation. When it came to the group projects I found that it was a lot easier to create ideas for my team because they were all very team heavy and made everyone’s idea worth the effort to speak up. This is the opposite of scimatics there is more teaching going around with showing use what to do and more questions that could be ask and more interesting as well.

So the start of this year I think I could still move on to Grade 10 but on a very bad way, the mPOL actually helped me a lot and getting myself bad on track with the feed back I was giving so thats way at the end of the year I definitely should be moving on to Grade 10.

Thank you for listing tot my presentation any questions or comments?.

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