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So far, grade 8 has been a year like no other for me. Less than 12 months ago I was signing up for PLP and thinking about what high school might be like, and now I’m almost in grade 9! I’m quite proud of all of the work I’ve done this year, and how much I have improved and grown as a learner since grade 7. Now that Student Led Conferences are here, it’s time to reflect on all of my grade 8 achievements so far.

 Me working on my Destination Imagination project.

My Work

This year, I have done a variety of different projects ranging from creating a spy story in Destination Imagination to building temples in Minecraft. The projects haven’t always been easy, but I have worked hard on each of them and I’m proud with my results. Here are some examples of the work I have done this year:

My Advertisement Unit 

My Winter Exhibition

My Growth as a Learner

I really like the Performance Learning Program because it doesn’t just focus on learning materials, it also focuses on developing the skills to learn. I feel that as a learner, I have improved greatly since the beginning of the year. Here is one of my learning portfolio posts that is an example of my growth as a learner this year:

My Scimathics Post

My Oregon Field Study

Developing my Growth Mindset

I feel that the most important unit I have worked on this year has been our growth mindset unit. This unit was mainly about teaching us that failure is okay, as long as you learn from your mistakes. This has proven to be an extremely useful thing to learn, and has helped me with every project I’ve worked on. Here are some examples of how I have developed my Growth Mindset this year:

My Growth Mindset Post

My Destination Imagination Post













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