Small But Mighty! 🦠

Small But Mighty!!!

Through out the past few weeks in science, we have been learning cells, our immune system, and vaccines that we went over using three Keystones. We have been researching the functions of cells, and our immune systems, as well as the vaccines that we put into our bodies, what their affects are, and why people would hesitate to get them. After that, we made a Public Health Poster for kids using our knowledge that we gained through this project. Now that it’s all finished, I wanted to share it with all of you! So here it is!

Keystone 1

Our first keystone was studying the cells, which we did using the microscope. We swabbed different parts of the school, and guessed which spots would have more microorganisms. I thought that the soap dispenser in the bathroom would have more microorganisms than a door window would. After we had subbed our chosen areas, we put them in a Petri dish with an agar base, and observed it for a week. Below, you will see my Cells Field Journal, with my hypothesis and results.

  • My field Journal

Keystone 2

The second keystone was all about our immune system and the different kinds of cells working in out bodies. We learned about the innate (built-in) immune system, and the adaptive immune system. After we studied the different kinds of cells, we drew them and made little character cards introducing them and what they do, which you will see below.

Keystone 3

The final keystone was dedicated to vaccines. We learned about how vaccines came to be, how they worked, and the different kinds of ways they made it depending on the different kinds of virus. Then, we had to make an infographic discussing why people might hesitate to get them. We chose one myth to research, and proved if it was true or not. The myth that me and my partner chose was the government, and whether or not they were controlling you through the vaccines. Our infographic is down below.

Public Health Poster

I think that the public health poster was the most fun thing to do in this whole project. The poster had to include fun images, including some bacteria that elementary students drew, and we had to include a bit of our knowledge that we learned through out this project, as well  as a catchy sentence for the poster. I made mine through canva, and included ways you could keep your body safe and healthy, with the immune system characters as information I learned through out this project.


I learned a lot through this project like the cells, immune systems, vaccines, and more. I think that all this information will become useful for me in the future, and I was really happy that all the little assignments that we had were fun to do and easy to finish. I hope that people take a look at my projects and learn at least a few things from it. Thank you for reading, and see you at my next post!

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