The Story of Riel

“How has the portrayals of Louis Riel changed over time?” That was our driving question for this project. Over the past few weeks in PLP 9, we have been learning about Louis Riel and his impact on Canadian history. To answer our driving question, we looked at many videos, articles, and statues made about Riel, to see how he had been portrayed by people, and how those portrayals changed over time. To finish this project off, we wrote a multi-paragraph answer for our driving question. My paragraph can be seen below. 

Something that really helped me understanding to driving question and how to answer it, were the 3 statues of Louis Riel. You can really see the different ways that people portrayed him through these statues and since it was so clear, it was easier for me to answer my driving question. The way people reacted to these statues, and how two of them had to be removed from the public, really shows how people’s views on Riel changed over time.


This project felt a bit different from all the other project that we have done so far, because all of the assignments were purely writing. The final assignment was a paragraph! And since I haven’t done serious writing like this since COVID, it was a bit frustrating. I went through many drafts, and revisions to get to my final paragraph, and even then I still have so many edits that I can make. I think that this project was a good experience for me, since it taught me how to write a decent informational paragraph. The skills that I learned through these projects are things that I will continue to use all throughout my life, and I’m so grateful to have learned them. And now I know who Louis Riel is!

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