Maker Recap


Grab some Halloween candy because this post might be long. Our assignment was to review and reflect some of our maker projects. Some of these projects are:

  • Big life journal
  • User manual
  • Laptop Memoji
  • Word pack
  • Digital selfie

Big life journal: In the big life journal we learned about tons about how to develop different parts of our learning. One of the things we did was design a YouTube channel.

In this part of the big life journal we learned the different aspect’s of a YouTube channel. We also had to design our first three photos and then we had to list on what we would include in our first video.  We also did a bucket list. We learned about ho to draw in Notability and how to make lists for the future. We also made a dream board. We made the dream board to show what we want to do in the future. So like where we want to travel, what we want do, what we want to have and like relationships in the future. In this project we learned how to make better collages.

I think that I probably could have done a better job of putting effort in to it and maybe written more.

User manual: By far I think that the user manual was the funnest project we’ve done in maker so far. So basically it’s a user manual of ourselves and we talk about ourselves allot. We actually wrote it in third person and we referred to ourselves as a device. I can’t put the whole document but I’ll just put some of my favourite part of the project.

We all went off of a teacher example so a lot of projects are very similar. I think that I did a good job on adding my own flair and my creativity but still sticking to the teacher example. Over all I think that maybe I could have done a better job of making it a little longer but I’m still quite impressed with it. In the project we learned how to develop our writing skills and our creativity.

Laptop Memoji: Other then the user manual the laptop Memojis have been super fun. I loved all the creativity and skills we developed. So hat we had to do for the project was that we had to make a Memoji and then put it in the computer pose, just like this:

So after we did that we had to insert stickers, and using instant alpha we removed the background so it actually looked that we had stickers on the Memoji. We also had to include one sticker that had colour fill with a gradient and one other sticker that includes a picture fill. My laptop Memoji looked like this

We learnt a ton of interesting stuff on Keynote like image fill, instant alpha and colour fill. One thing that I could have done better at would be making the stickers bigger.

Word pack: We made a word pack showing stuff about ourselves. Some of the things that I put in were:

  • Kind-of-biologist
  • Bird-lover
  • Lover-of-sunflowers
  • Kind-of-cool-ngl

This is my word pack:

I wish I could have maybe added a little more information.

Digital selfie: we took a selfie and then edited it to show something about ourselves.

In this project we learned how to markup photo’s. I wish that I could have maybe added more markup to make it more interesting.

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