Awesome Renaissance Innovations!

My triptych

While making the triptych I only used two apps, SuperimposeX, and Pages. SuperimposeX was a big life saver for me. The App is extremely simple to use once you get the hand of it, and was extremely helpful while putting together my triptych. I used SuperimposeX for almost everything such as, photo shopping images, adding filters,  and more. After finally finishing each panel of my Triptych, I laid each panel out on Pages to begin putting each panel together into my final triptych. Pages and SuperimoseX made building my triptych a smooth and fun adventure with little trouble.

Though I did find the building of my triptych fairly easy and fun, I did have a challenge while coming up with a thesis and historical explanation. I used Craft to take notes dedicated to the Renaissance which did make this process easier, however, I had a hard time concluding all the information into one explanation. I ended up finishing my historical explanation slightly overdue, and was second guessing myself and my work. In the end I did receive feedback and began to make my work something to be proud of, and in the end I am happy with the finishing product. 

Overall, during this project I grew confident with my SuperimposeX skills, and I overcame bumps within the project. After overcoming the challenges I faced during the historical explanation,  I look forward to pushing through my next project and learning even more!

Left Panel 

New ideas in the Renaissance created medical deveplment, clocks, telescopes/lenses, the printing press, and the initial idea of critical thinking. Printing press’s allowed for quick and affective communication throughout the world, complex sketches by Leonardo da Vinci creating a better understanding of the anatomy, lenses growing into tele/micro scopes – allowing us to closer study biology and astronomy, and accurate clocks that we use to this day.  But the biggest idea of all, critical thinking. Critical thinking began the idea of using personal judgement and evaluation to use realistic thinking for our benefit. All of the above created a significantly more functional and modern world.

Centre Panel

After years of developing renaissance innovations, modern days have grown efficient, simple and affective ways of communicating. With a touch of a button we can use iPhones, computers, laptops, iPads, and etc to connect with anyone around the globe. We’ve gone from traditional clocks – digital clocks, classical art – minimalist art, new sketches of the anatomy – digital 3D models, learning about critical thinking – using critical thinking in our everyday lives and education,  and the list goes on….  Our world has changed in ways we never could have imaged of, for the better.

Right Panel

With lack of support and resources, sundials and scribes are just the begging of ground breaking ideas. Tired scribes handwriting each copy, un reliable sundials telling our time , and un developed art decorating our walls was what our world looked like before the Renaissance. Society lacked efficiency and modern intelligence, and critical thinking however, without these early thoughts, we would not live in the world we have today.


In the end, the innovators of the lense, printing, and etc, of course made world changing innovations, but they also sparked critical thinking. Critical thinking was a huge variable in each panel. As shown in the right panel critical thinking was yet to be used resulting in a less functional world. Meanwhile once critical thinking was used everyday, our world evolved significantly.  The real ground breaking idea was critical thinking.

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