Travelogue Reflection

For the past week we our humanities class has been working on making a travelogue. We were asked to write a maximum 200 word travelogue, and create our stories into a short book with resting images. Our travelogues were based off of impactful explores and their accomplishments. I chose to write about John Cabot and is journey finding Newfoundland. The making of this project was fairly simple and quick, however, the research process took much more time and focus. While researching and beginning my story, I ran into many bumps. I often lost focus and drifted off task, dragging the quality of my work down. Quickly, I revised my work until it was something I was proud of. 

Putting aside my personal flaws, I learned so much from this project. I learned the reasoning of  exploration, and how our early discoveries have effected us today. If I were to do this rope next again, I would make sure to put in my 100% effort, and remain focused.



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