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The Final Mpol

My final Mpol, tragic isn’t it? Horrifyingly I’m growing up. But the hope still remains that I’ve managed learned a little. Today I want to reflect on some of the learning I’ve done so far this year. The positives and… Continue Reading →

The Horror of 22

What scares you? This was the first question asked at the start of our horror project, a project we’ve just finished. In this project we were tasked to think about our own fears, the fears of other people, and societal… Continue Reading →

The Root of all Horror?

Hello there welcome back to my blog, it has certainly been a long time. Now at the moment I’m fairly close to the end of a project all about horror. But before I finish up this horrific project, I’ve got… Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, and welcome back to another presentation of learning. This is my second one this year and hopefully I can improve even more last time. This presentation has a new driving question , Why do you feel you are… Continue Reading →

mPOL 2.0

Hello, and welcome to the first presentation of learning for this decade. This is the third presentation of learning I have done, and hopefully one of many more. The driving question for this presentation is “What is your learning goal… Continue Reading →

The Return Of The Exhibition

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the first post of a new decade! Let’s hope it’s ok! This project was a little wacky. It was about….. Star Wars! Now that doesn’t sound the most most regular school topic but don’t… Continue Reading →

A New Hope || A Review (I’m becoming classy)

Hi, I’m back, and I’m becoming a critic. The movie I’ll review today is “A New Hope”, which is episode IV of the Star Wars film series. Now I’m sure you’ve heard of Star Wars, but in case you haven’t,… Continue Reading →

Run…. away. This video was interesting…

Welcome back my fellow Homosapiens. Today we are discussing yes you guessed it yet another video. This video was different though because it’s not my original ideas it’s a re-creation of another video. This video was called “Run”. It was… Continue Reading →

Tpols…… I’m scared

Hello, welcome to my T-Pols! Today as you probably know, we are reflecting! So now I am going to take you through my journey of learning for this year, and I hope you enjoy! Let’s start with humanities. Humanities has… Continue Reading →

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