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Making A Movie.

Yo and welcome back to my blog. I think we’ve just completed our biggest project to date, we created a movie. In this project we studied Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, as well as the Cold War, and this movie was all… Continue Reading →

Term 1 but 10 videos…..

What’s up, what’s hanging, what’s happening my friends? As you probably knew we are coming up on the end of term one. Pretty scary right, a third of the year is already gone. But you know what this means… A… Continue Reading →

Climbing practice… I filmed it

Hi! Guess what, I went and did something! For this lil project I got to do something super fun! I got to attend a live event and record it! The event I picked was a climbing practice at the Hive… Continue Reading →

Run…. away. This video was interesting…

Welcome back my fellow Homosapiens. Today we are discussing yes you guessed it yet another video. This video was different though because it’s not my original ideas it’s a re-creation of another video. This video was called “Run”. It was… Continue Reading →

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