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The Power Shift

Hiya and welcome to the Blog. As I’m sure you gleaned from my recent post titles we’ve been talking about Canadian life post WW2 and 50s in school. However this week I wanted to talk about a more indirect change… Continue Reading →

THE social program

Hey y’all and welcome back to my post. In school we had an interesting discussion this week. We talked a lot about social programs in Canada after the 50s. And Miss Axel asked us an interesting question which was “… Continue Reading →

Fashion in the Five-O’s

Hey guys, welcome back to the blog.  We are back with a new post. In my previous post I explained the project, which is all about the 50’s and post war history. In my last class we talked about how… Continue Reading →

50’s Life

What up, it’s definitely been a while. But as much as I have probably been missed I finally return so don’t be working. We’ve actually started a brand new project about the post war history of Canada. We’re focusing on… Continue Reading →

Ye Old English

Hiya or Ēalā; hāl. Now you may have been wondering what strange language I just spoke, well that would be old English. Now quite recently as I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned in other blog posts I have recently finished reading… Continue Reading →

A Protest That Made History

1968, the year that changed the world? This was a topic we were discussing in school this week, and one of the events we brought up was the student protest at the 1968 Olympics, however my research on that lead… Continue Reading →

Bloody Brilliant

That’s bloody brilliant! If you hear that phrase often, I’m willing to bet you either have English or Australian parents, but I probably wouldn’t stake my life on it. Aha, I’m back. Well Recently in class we’ve been discussing Shakespeare… Continue Reading →

The Art of War

(The post cover image is my all time favourite surrealist painting “peg-top” by artist Hans Bellmer) Hey guys welcome back to the blog i guess. We’re still on our project about WW2. In in my typical fashion I got curious… Continue Reading →

The Fall Of The Empire

 Hi, and welcome to the blog? As you may have guessed this is another absolutely incredible weekly review, but I’ve just gotten a more fun title. Now this post has a bit of a backstory to how I got here… Continue Reading →

The German SS

Hi there, it’s blog time. This week has been big folks. We started a brand new project and are already 1 milestone down. Just to fill you in a little bit, this new project is all about World War II… Continue Reading →

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