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November 2019

Term 1 but 10 videos…..

What’s up, what’s hanging, what’s happening my friends? As you probably knew we are coming up on the end of term one. Pretty scary right, a third of the year is already gone. But you know what this means… A… Continue Reading →

Week 6 || SBC

Hello friends, and welcome to week six of the student blogging challenge. Now I must say this was a pretty wild week! And it focussed all around the main subject of emoji‘s. For this week I had to pick three… Continue Reading →

Climbing practice… I filmed it

Hi! Guess what, I went and did something! For this lil project I got to do something super fun! I got to attend a live event and record it! The event I picked was a climbing practice at the Hive… Continue Reading →


Hi. In case you haven’t guessed, I’ve started a blog post. This is a post for the SBC, and it’s all about music! Today I’m going to talk all about the fascinating topic that is music! I’m going to start… Continue Reading →

Viva La Révolution

In the immortal words of Dora, Hola mis amigos and welcome back. As you probably suspected the start of a new blog post means the finish of a project and this project would be so, many, videos. In actual fact… Continue Reading →


Hey everyone guess what I went to work! Not actually I’m to lazy for that, but I did go to a work, it just wasn’t my work. About a week ago I went to work with my dad on Take… Continue Reading →

Run…. away. This video was interesting…

Welcome back my fellow Homosapiens. Today we are discussing yes you guessed it yet another video. This video was different though because it’s not my original ideas it’s a re-creation of another video. This video was called “Run”. It was… Continue Reading →

Causelation and corsation

Sup y’all and welcome back. Today we’re talking about correlation and causation, and the project that went around it. This project is all about finding a correlation and hopefully some causation. If you’re wondering what correlation and causation are i’ll… Continue Reading →

Let’s leave a 𝓡𝓮𝓿𝓲𝓮𝔀

Hello everyone today we’re becoming a Karen, I’m leaving a review. Today I’ll be reviewing one of my all time favourite shows, gossip girl! This is a show about the wealthy children of Manhattans socialites, these kids have the world… Continue Reading →

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