About Me



Student guide

Welcome to your new student learner; Ian 

commonly referred to as Ian; your new student comes with the functions including, but not limited to, the following

  • very curious
  • Adventurous
  • Kind

And I love to work in groups

What to expect

Before you access your student learner, Ian 

You need to know these things. 

1.he gets off track very easily.

2.needs instructions one at a time, or instructions can be provided for me in writing

3. Ian will always try his best BUT he will make mistakes

4. Ian is very much a perfectionist and will sometimes make him discouraged, and has even made him cry.

How to get me back on track

-try to talk to me about what I need to do 

-tap me on the shoulder

-make me sit at the front or away from the people I’m sitting with that distract me


Ian has 2 settings;

His two settings are 4.2 (student mode).  And 5.6 (real person) 


 can be frustrating to deal with but I am very enthusiastic and I’m always smiling

I’ve never had homework before so I’m sometimes behind. Sometimes I get distracted, and will need for someone to get me back on track.

Ian’s other mode is his 5.6 mode.

In this mode you can see him out In the community with his friends as he loves to hang out with his friends. He also enjoys ski racing and is part of the Seymour ski team. Some of the other things he enjoys are shopping, watching Netflix (especially horror movies , going outside, and going camping. Other than that you will see him walking his dog and in grocery stores, and other places in the area.