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Interesting facts about horror movies

I love horror movies because they are spine chilling stories that keep me at night and entertain me a lot. Here I will explain super interesting facts about horror movies you didn’t know

Number 1. Did you know that the doll from the conjuring was actually based on a doll called “raggedy Ann” it was made out of hood and had huge eyes.

Number 2. Did you know a bunch of movies was based upon ONE serial killer? His name was Ed Gein he inspired some very famous horror movies like: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Pyscho, Silence of the lambs, etc. 

Number 3. There was a horror movie called “Blair witch project” which they filmed like a documentary. Based on how they marketed the film, people actually thought it was a documentary making you think that it was real. Apparently one of the actors got a lot of sympathy cards for family.

Number 4. In the movie “poltergeist” there was a scene where they used a REAL skeleton without the actors knowing in one of the scenes.

Number 5. In the movie “candyman” there was scene where there was a bunch of scenes in the candymans mouth. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the bees in candymans mouth were REAL. There were apparently over 200 thousand bees on set, and for every sting he got he got 1000 dollars. In the end he got 23 stings leading up to 23 thousand dollars.

Number 6. In the horror movie “the birds” there was a scene where Tippi Hedren was getting attacked by birds. But the birds were REAL and she was basically being tortured.

Number 7. In the movie “poltergeist” there was a scene where a little boy was being strangled by a clown. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the machine malfunctioned and actually started strangling the actor, apparently the actor screamed he couldn’t breathe but people just though he was improvising his own line, but realized he wasn’t acting when his face started to change colour.

Those are some really cool facts that you probably didn’t know! I hope you found the fun facts that I found fascinating. Thanks for reading.


Raggedy Ann doll

Raggedy Ann doll

A bunch of movies based on ed gein

Blair witch project

Real skeletons