Ultimate Design Challenge Summative Post

Unlike the chemistry coding project having a partner working along side you really helps getting all the work done in time. Its really nice having a partner just to make sure you are doing everything so you can get the right work done and I think we did a good job with getting our work done in time and making sure our work didn’t have any flaws.

Applying and Innovating: Me and my partner (in my opinion) did a pretty good job making sure we were working on our project and making sure its being get done, but we did have our times where we got a bit distracted but other than that we did a good job deciphering between work and recreation. I do think that we could do a better job working instead of having fun but at least we did get the work done.

Reasoning and Analyzing: We definitely did complete this aspect of the core competencies well, we used tinkercad to create a 3D object with 10 basic shapes and optimized the design for max volume. I think the 3D model was one of the more easier things to work on compared to the other work that was assigned, probably because the other stuff was just basically harder and when I have an idea of what the model is going to look like it can get pretty easy.

Communicating and Representing: Like Reasoning and Analyzing yes we did all the steps for this core competency. The calculating of the shapes was the hardest part of the project for me for the 1 reason that math was evolved which made it harder than all the other work for this project. CLaculating the shapes wasn’t that hard it was pretty much just the hardest out of all the work, and honestly a completed it pretty easily when focused because it was basically taking what you’ve learned and doing that about 10 or more times.

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