Becoming A PLP Learner


Welcome to my first blog post ever!

For this first sector of Maker 8, we have been answering the driving question, who am I as a PLP learner? The activities and projects that I have completed over these last 2 months can show some answers to this question.


One the assignments was to use Keynote (and a few other apps) to create a laptop Memoji with personalized stickers. To do this, we first had to customize a Memoji to look like us, add it into the app Keynote and then edit images and designs onto the laptop that represent you. This is my final product:

I was really happy with it and I think that the stickers really showed who I am. I included stickers showing friends and family, because I am supported by them as a learner, and I balance my time between school work and spending time with these people too. The sport jersey 9 also demonstrates this, balancing between work and playing volleyball or running.


Another project we did was making user manuals about ourselves. I think that this was a really cool project, because we wrote about ourselves as if we were devices and used 3rd person. Here is my user manual (click on the button below to see it):


I think that my user guide is very reflective of my personality and demonstrates who I am. One of my functions is thinking outside the box, which is an key quality for PLP learners. As well, I think that my student setting tells a lot about who I am as a learner (my work ethics, the kind of student I strive to be, as well as my perfectionism issue). As a student in general, I can be a bit shy or uncertain at first, but as I become more comfortable with the people around me, I will be more outgoing, answer questions or contribute to the classe’s conversations more. I also believe that honest communication and respect is very important (for me with others, and them with me too).


This next piece of work is one of my favourites.

This is my dream board, which shows my goals for the future, both short and long term. I think that it really shows me and my dreams, and I’m super happy with the way I had a green theme. My dream board helped me realize and organize some of my dreams and goals. Most of the elements can relate to who I am as a learner, but I think that some of them really show it clearly. The rainbow represents that I work hard to reach an extending proficiency for all my work, which will also help me get into the university that I want, when it comes to that time. The quote “whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are absolutely right” is a saying that I’ve heard a lot and I think it’s very true. I try to remember to stay positive and persevere for both school work, and in my personal life.


The last thing assignment that I will be sharing for this post is my concept for a YouTube channel. For this, we planned out ideas for if we were to create our own YouTube channels. This is mine:


I think that my YouTube channel really showed my creativity. My favourite part was the banners that I created with Canva, especially the way I edited a chef hat onto a picture of my puppy (the photo credit goes to my brother, Fraser)

I feel like I did good job of sharing ideas that appeal to both me and my audience, and connected to what’s important to my life (Maruka is very very important to me!)

So in conclusion, I think that these projects show and have also helped shape who I am as a PLP learner. I strive to be an engaged and hardworking student, trying my best to think creatively and extend on my work. Thank you for visiting my blog, that’s all for now!


Kaia out ♥︎

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