A Picture Tells A Thousand Words


Welcome back to my blog! In this post, I am going to be reflecting on our driving question, how might I use the still image to create and communicate through technology? A lot of the time, solely words are used to communicate, but if time and thought is put into it, an image can communicate too. One of the key parts of capturing the story behind the photo is mood or emotion. There are endless techniques that can help show the mood of an image. As well, choosing the right angle, background and foreground and then more technical things like lighting and filters, can also help tell the picture’s story.  Images could also aid the understanding of something, instead of trying to explain every single detail.

The 3 skills that I found the most useful are probably rule of thirds, adjusting angles and manufacturing mood. For the rule of thirds, if your image was split into thirds (both vertically and horizontally), the main subject should be placed where two lines converge. Using the rule of thirds actually makes the image more appealing to the eye than if the main subject was completely centred.

Adjusting the angle of your shot also helps tell the story of your image. Some angles include:

  • Close up
  • Long shot
  • Worm’s eye
  • Bird’s eye
  • Canted perspective

One of the main reasons that angles are so important, is because they can really set the mood or emotion in you image, which is the final most important skill. As mentioned earlier, the mood really influences the way the image is perceived. There are several ways to adjust your photo, so that a certain feeling is portrayed.

And finally, here is a Keynote presentation, reflecting on some of my pictures from this sector. For some of these images, I was happy with the result but I think I could still improve on some of them too.


That’s all for now!

Kaia out ♥︎

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