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Welcome back to my blog. In my post today I will be talking about why you should bike. This is my third post in this series of posts. Today I will be showing photos that I took. These photos will show how you can be creative while biking. In my last post I provided 5 reasons why you should start mountain biking. Here is a link 5 reasons why you should bike.

This photo shows how you can use bikes to create street art. I took this photo in 2021 in Deep Cove (Deep Cove is a community in North Vancouver). This photo was of me and my friends bikes. After we went riding we went to go get ice cream at Deep Cove.










This photo, taken by my Dad in Squamish, shows how you can tackle challenging trails. For example, this trail included a steep rock that was also very smooth and long so me and my Dad took a look at the trail before dropping in. Looking at a trail, doing a trail over and over again and doing a single feature over and over again is called a session. Sessions are fun to do with friends because you can spend hours on the trail hanging out and doing different tricks.

This next photo is of me trail building at my cabin. Trail building is a huge form of creativity and hard work not to mention its a ton of fun when your with your friends. Trail building is creative because you can really show your personality with your style of trail building.

These photos were taken in July of 2020.

Thanks for reading my blog post. If you have any questions post them in the comments. If you want a link to a couple of good YouTube channels checkout Pinkbike and GMBN. These channels are very informative and they have tons of fun videos on how to start biking.

3 thoughts on “You should try biking here’s why

  1. Hello Keaton!
    I really liked the amount of photos in the post which kept it interesting. But I did notice there were words that were repeated a lot, for instance deep cove at the very start was repeated 3 time in two sentences. I also thought you had a lot of good info that kept the reader interested, and you explained some things people might not have known like a session.

  2. Hi Keaton!
    You have some really clear photos that are really well positioned.
    There is a giant white space with nothing in it, and I think you should fill it in. I like how you show photos of you making trails at your cabin. They really show the work it takes.
    Here is my blog: https://www.blog44.ca/danielb/

  3. Hello Keaton,
    I really enjoyed reading your post about biking. I love the images that you used and the variety of angles of your images. A suggestion I have is to make sure you dont use too much spacing in between paragraphs.

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