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This is my second blog post about why you should start mountain biking. In my first post, I talked about my introduction and what I would write about during the rest of this series of posts. In this post ill be writing about 5 reasons why you should start biking.
The first reason in my opinion and the first that came to my head is the community.


The community in mountain biking is great here are some reasons why: Say you get a flat tire everyone that rides by will ask if you need help. If you fall someone will stop what there doing and help you. If you’re looking at a feature they will show you the easiest line to do that feature. Last most of the bikers will help improve and rebuild the trails so that you can have a more enjoyable time biking.

It is a fun activity to do with friends. While you’re climbing up the mountain you can talk or even if you’re taking a shuttle you can talk in the car. It is better to ride with friends as well for safety reasons. Because if you get hurt then they can call for help.

There is a type of biking that suits you. There is cross country which I mellow ups and downs on a shorter travel bike. Enduro which is riding up and riding down going down harder descents. Downhill you are not climbing it’s only really hard descents. This type of riding is usually done on a big travel bike.

It gets you outside. There is nothing better than an outside sport. You get to enjoy the fresh air and the best part is that you’ll forget about Covid and all you’re other problems.

It will get you in shape. This sport will work your leg muscles on the uphills and your arms on the downhill from maneuvering your bike. You will also get a faster reaction from noticing what roots and rocks are coming up while you’re going really fast.

Thank you for reading this post if you enjoyed it then I’ll be coming up with another one shortly and if you wish to look at a website to get started biking then check out these YouTube channels GMBN and Pinkbike.

2 thoughts on “5 reasons why you should bike

  1. Hi Keaton,
    This is a great post. I love that you detailed all sorts of unique reasons for why you should bike. I didn’t stop to think how many different types of bikes there are. I think that you could further enhance this post by giving bold headings for each of the reasons. I like that you talked about some problems that bikers faced as well as labeling how these problems can be fixed. I’m looking forward to learning more about one of my favourite sports.
    P.S. check out my blog: http://www.blog44.ca/SilasM/

  2. Hello, Keaton
    Really love the reasons why I should bike I love the details etc.
    My favourite part is how your explain what all the bikes are and what are on a bike very descriptive.
    I do think you should have a more attractive title.
    Thanks, Cameron

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