What Is DI

Hi everyone, 

This is my last geek out blog post but instead of writing on mountain biking I will be talking about Destination Imagination.

First I will be explaining what destination Imagination is, then telling you about our challenge and our journey so far, next our challenge requirements.

Destination Imagination (DI) is a project based, kid-driven program that teaches kids to be innovative problem solvers. Using STEAM, teams of students collaborate, think outside the box and create unique solutions to one of seven different challenges in preparation for a fun, problem-solving competition. In DI we each get our own challenge that usually has 7 people in each team. 

My challenge is daring escape. This challenge includes 2 daring devices that have to overcome 3 hazards each device must pass through each hazard with out the help of the other device. The 3 hazards must not be alike. The team choice elements: Team choice elements are the parts in your challenge that sets you’re presentation from the rest using you’re skills and personality.

Our progress so far. This is our first month on actually building and planning our presentation and so far my group has come up with all of our hazards and devices. Because of other groups copying our ideas I cant share what they are but after our presentation in April you will see what we’ve done.

Our requirements are that we have to have a story, a script, 2 team choice elements, and 2 devices to over come the 3 hazards. Scoring In total you can get 240 points in you’re challenge it is kind of long and boring to write and read about so here is a picture.

Thankyou for reading this blog post if you want the second Post it will come out in April when we finish DI. here is a link to the DI website if you want to learn more. Destination Imagination.

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