Chemistry Coding

Hi fellow Keatoneers welcome back to the blog train, 

In this blog post I will write and you will read about my new project we just finished in scimatics titled, Chemistry coding. This project was all about chemistry with elements and atoms and molecules but then at the end we made a video game about atoms, molecules, and the sets of mater: Liquid, Solid, Gas and plasma although we didn’t really talk about plasma. 

In this blog post I will write about some pictures of my work then my curricular competencies so how i’m graded and an example of how I improved and what I need to improve on.

At the start of every project in Scimatics we do a mind node just to ask questions about the project then at the end we do it again and answer the questions so here’s the mind node.

Here is a very important assignment that we did its 4 models of the molecules for nitrogen and oxygen. So here’s the models.

The website we used to make the video game is called scratch its a coding app with lots of codes you can apply you can even play other peoples games.

We were graded on questioning and predicting, scientific communication, and reasoning and analyzing. Those were the 3 sections. 

Questioning and predicting: Demonstrate a sustained curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest. That basically just means that we had to use all class time efficiently for learning without distractions. For this I got an accomplished. 

Scientific communication: Communicate ideas, findings, and solutions to problems using scientific language, representations, and digital technologies. We had to use several different atoms/ molecules, different states of matter, and particle motion are represented in the finished product. A historical model of the atom is chosen and implemented. For this I got accomplished.

Reasoning and analyzing: Use logic and patterns (including coding) to solve puzzles and play games. An interactive Scratch coded matter simulator or game is created with logical conditions and functional user controls. For this I got accomplished and some exceeding.

In the end I think I did really well on making the game really enjoyable and entertaining. I made so much code to move the red dot around and to make it so that if you touch the nitrogen molecule then you lose and also if the timer runs out then you lose. Also to make it so that the molecules move around when you touch solid, liquid or gas. I also made it so that If you touch the finish line then it says you win. But there’s always some things you can improve on for me that was including 7 different molecules in my game. As well as just understanding how molecules work but I think I got it down.

Thank You for reading my blog post about chemistry coding. Hope to see you on the scratch train.

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