The seven slices

Hey mates welcome back to the blog train,

In this blog post I will write about DI which is short for destination imagination. This project which took over 4 months to complete is finally over. In those 4 long months we made 2 devices, 3 hazards, 2 team choice elements, and 1 7 minute script. 

This blog post will include a reflection of my work and what I learned, a list and description of all the work I did, and then a video of our performance, then finally my group mates links to their blog website so you can find their blog post about DI.

So what did I actually make? Well I made a 3D printed car and I fixed my RC car so that we could use it as a device. What was broken with it you ask well one of the cables was broken so me and Owen slaughtered it and we also had to reprogram the car. 

How did my work compare to everyone else? Well I definetly did not have as many lines os everyone else but I feel like I did more work then some people and less work then others. As well as I stayed after and went before school as much as I could which was a lot more than other people. The quality of my work was also pretty good I would say. 

Here’s a video of our presentation. The video was split up into two parts.

video of my presentation  

rest of the video

Thanks for reading this blog post if you would like to check out my teammates post then check out: Ruby, Evangeline, Charlie, Owen, Dylan, Hannah. 

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