Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a country called Nation X. In Nation X there we’re 4 different classes A which was the poorest they would only make 1$ per day and had to clean up the class room and sharpen pencils. Then there was group B I was in group B we ran the store and wrote a 50 page essay and we made 2$ per day. Then there was group C they made 5$ per day and ran the jail. Lastly there was group C they made 10$ per day the King was part of group C and every rule went by him.

During the simulation I made 100$ from the store and I handled all my groups money I was the King of my group. I hired people in my group to steal money I made about 100$ from people stealing money for me. I also had people give money to me to be King and defeat Charlie who was King. I had the most money by far so I think I had the most power and for the first 4 days I ran the economy as I ran the store.

In the end Mr Harris the Universe played an Uno reverse card on us and payed the pandemic card on us. So 6 people got infected but luckily there was a cure that group D had. So everyone got cured. But then Mr Harris gave group D all weapons like swords and battle axes. So Group D killed many people and left to a boat to travel to Nation Y. The universe then sent our old members to turn on us and kill us. They killed me and I gave my money all 325 dollars to Magnus to live on the dream as they fled to Nation Y.

Here are all the news articles so that you know what happened every day.



Thanks fro letting me tell you this tale of Nation X and Y.

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