Once upon a time there was a young learner in PLP that goes by the name of Keaton. Keaton was in a project about goal setting and learning how to make movies. That project was taught by Ms Kadi and Ms Maxwell.

Keaton will tell a story on his experience of the project answering the driving question talking about goals and finally talking about his movie experience.

The Driving Question was How might I use video skills to tell my story. He answered that question by saying. “The videos I made with my group showed what inspires me and what was a goal for one of my group members. The goal was how I can buy a Wanda costume for Halloween.” He said that to tell his story movies and videos and pictures all tell a story just like the saying one picture tells 1000 words. So even though 2 of the videos weren’t about Keaton the 1 was and that was the what inspires me video. In the video it showed What he enjoys doing, what he doesn’t enjoy doing, what givers him meaning and purpose, what are his talents and skills, what he like to read and watch movies about, and finally was he daydreams about. Here’s a sheet answering the questions. So that video shows Keaton’s personality. 

He also says that goal setting was a big part of this project. What all the assignments built up to was this goal ladder. A goal ladder is an bunch of steps telling you how to achieve on big goal. Here was his goal ladder.

Goal: get a job as a bike manufacturer or designer at a big bike brand.

Step 1. Study really hard for tests in High School so that I get good grades.

Step 2. Get over a 95 on my classes to get into a good university.

Step 3. Apply to different universities so that I can get into at least 1. 

Step 4. Get into a good university preferably UBC so that I’m close to home.

Step 5. Do very good in mech engineering at UBC.

Step 6. Apply to a smaller brand so that I can build my name up.

Step 7. Apply to bigger brands after a couple years of practice. 

Step 8. Get into one big bike brand as a frame designer.

Step 9. Work my way up to be the head engineer and designer.

Step 10. Have a big name in the biking world so that I can apply for any job and get it.

The second part of this project was making movies he made 3 movies 1 of them was by himself and 2 were in a group. The one by himself was about what inspires him. He talked about this in the answer to the driving question. The next movie was about his group members Sydney buying a Wanda costume for Halloween. Then the third was about Charlie and Logan playing the Trombone as a tutorial. Here is his YouTube channel for all the videos.


Thanks for reading this interview by Keaton Schisler. 

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