Hello, blog readers welcome back to the blog train and the next stop is the winter exhibition. The project we used to present for this exhibition was the documentary we made in Maker on themes from James Cameron’s great movie Avatar. The theme my group got was Colonialism.

I will first talk about my Documentary, then Answer the driving question, and finally, I will talk about the exhibition.

I worked very hard on my documentary on the weekend I put in the most work for it I spent about 4 hours each day working on it. What we had to do for the assignment was compose a 3-5 minute documentary on the theme that was given to us from Avatar. The themes were: Racism, Colonialism/ Imperialism, Militarism, Nature and spiritualism, Deforestation, and augmented reality. The documentary also had to relate to Avatar in some way. The main part of the documentaries was the interviews. We were told to interview a person about our topic I chose a First Nations educator named Gordon Dick. So here is my video.

The driving question was What does James Cameron’s fantasy world of Avatar reveal about our own society today? Avatar I think was based on settlers coming from Europe to North America killing and stealing from First Nations. Trying to set trades with First Nations like the Humans to the Navi trying the Avatar program to make friends then when that doesn’t happen they conflict war. Just like what happened with the settlers. I’m not saying that’s exactly what happened but I think that’s what the movies are based around. But that’s in the past today I think it relates to the Ukrainian and Russian wars. Russia a more powerful military overwhelmed by the humans killing the tree then the Navi fought back with help from other tribes and animals to kill the bad guys. Just like Ukraine getting help from allies.

My room for the exhibition was based on the game risk because it’s a risk to go to a new place to colonize it and there were grade 10’s talking about how the Japanese were migrating and the boat sank killing thousands of people I think. How much of a risk it was for them to come to Canada.

Thank you for reading my blog post on the winter exhibition and I hope you enjoyed my documentary.

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