Funko Pops! (Student Blogging Challenge 2021)

Hello, its me. This post is about Funko Pops!, my favourite sets and more. If you’ve  read my about me page then you’ll know that I love to collect Funko Pops! and have over 50 0f them. If you haven’t read my about me page you should do that. Anyway, if you don’t know what Pops! are they are little toy collectables that represent a character from pop culture whether its Star Wars, DC comics or even rockstars there is a Funko Pop! for anyone.




In my collection of Pops! I have over 50 of them and mostly collecting a few main themes. One theme I have a lot of, and the first theme I collected, are Marvels Venomized series. Its called Venomized because in multiple comics and some shows an army of venom symbiots come down from space and take over a host ( marvel hero’s and villains) and well, Venomize them. I think its a really cool concept and Venom is also one of my favourite characters. The first Venomized Pop! I got was Venomized Ultron back in 2018 and Fan Expo. I’m now only missing 4 to complete my collection (Not including the store exclusives)


There’s my venom collection



Another theme I really enjoy is Batman’s. I have less Batman Pops! Then Venomized but I’m working on getting more. I’m mostly focused on getting the Batman 80 years ones which have kind of a cool gold and black box to them. (part of the reason I keep all of my Batman’s in the box) I currently have 9 different Batman’s and am going to order another one off amazon. I like the Batman 80 years because its cool to see all the different variations of Batman. An example is Red Death (my favourite). The short form is on -52 Batman wanted Flashes powers because he didn’t really have anything left (Robin, Alfred and other bat-family members are dead on this earth) so he made a device to harness Flashes powers and take them for himself causing the death of the Flash and corrupting Batman thus making him go on a killing rampage and turn evil, later joining The Batman Who Laughs team. I can make a post about the whole team and the Batman who laughs if you want. Just comment if you want. I think there’s like 30 something Batman 80 years Pops! but I’m not sure.



 That’s red death



The last 2 themes of Pops! I like to collect are…. The Flash and Marvel Zombies! First, The Flash. I just recently started liking The Flash probably from watching the show. I only have 5 Flash Pops! And the cereal (which is not supposed to be eaten) But a new line of Flash pops are dropping in either May or March just after the launch of Flash season 7, so I’m looking forward to buying some of those. The most expensive Pop! In my collection happens to be Reverse Flash A.K.A Eobard Thawne. The one I have came out in 2013 and is currently worth around 55$ and counting. The one I want most in my Flash collection is Zoom. It’s a little weird because Zoom in the show and Zoom in the comics are 2 different characters but I won’t get into that.


Flash collection



      Reverse flash



The last theme I like to collect is Marvel Zombies. This set is also based on comics and I have them. There is only 2 more I need in my Zombies collection but they are both 70$ online and discontinued so it might be a while to get them. There is also a new zombies set coming in May or March so I’m going to have to pick those ones up too. The story is pretty basic. They just go into space to explore something Mr. Fantastic gets some sort of infection, infected everyone else then go back to earth. They are a very good comic to read.




 Zombies comic



If you want to start collecting Funko Pops! I recommend getting the app. Just search up Funko in the App Store and download it. It shows all their products ever, prices, where you can buy them and you can mark down the ones you already have in your collection and put ones on your wish list too. I use it all the time. My wish list may or may not be over 5000$…

Funkos are sold at a lot of different stores so their not that hard to come by. I usually go to a place called Toy Traders out in delta. It’s quite a drive but definitely worth it. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Amazon because sometimes their prices can be a but high. But that’s just my opinion. With Pops! You can either take them out of the box or leave them inside. They are WAY more valuable with the original box. If you do take them out of the box keep the box’s just in case. There also certain pops that are store exclusives so you can only get them at certain stores like EB Games or Hot Topic etc. Anyways Ill leave a YouTube video down below on how to start collecting as well. I’m open to any questions you might have. Thanks!





2 thoughts on “Funko Pops! (Student Blogging Challenge 2021)

  1. Hey Landon,

    I really enjoyed reading this post because I found it very informative! Ive been meaning to start a small collection but I didn’t know where to look or start. I have just one question. Have you ever considered creating a collection based on a TV show?
    I thought it was a great post and let me know when you get a new Pop!

    1. Hi Mateo,

      Good to hear you liked the post and yes I do actually have a collection from a show. That show is the Flash. Yes there are various flash pops like the Flash from Justice Legue movie and Flash from the comics. I’m collecting mostly the flash tv series. If you have any further questions be sure to ask me

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