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Why hello there. Welcome back to my blog. I am glad to say that we have finished yet another project. I feel like this was one of the harder ones to do because I struggled remembering if the historical events I learned where from Medieval Times or Renaissance. 

Like every other project we do we had to complete 6 different milestones along with a few stepping stones to give us the skills to do these milestones. There are a few milestones  that I feel like I learned a lot from and helped me complete the final task and answer the driving question. Speaking about the driving question lets talk about that now. 

Driving Question: 

What can we learn from the past and why does that matter to us today? 

 A big part to help us understand and answer this question was looking at our worldview. What is worldview? Well here is a copy and pasted worldview explanation. 

Worldview (noun): a collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or group; the lens through which the world is viewed by an individual or group; the overall perspective from which the world is interpreted 

Through out this project we learned a lot about Renaissance and Medieval history and then connecting it to our worldview and how it has evolved over time. While learning all of this stuff we had to take notes using a simple and fast was known as Cornell Notes. One way to show our understanding of the concept of connecting things from those times to our modern view and the evolution of it was by taking a test. Yes, a test. Anyway the test was a open book test where we were aloud to use our notes. I’m not very good at taking notes yet so the test was a little harder for me. I did learn from everything that I’ve been taught about this topic just had a hard time writing in the test. Now to actually answer the driving question, we can learn things that happened in our past and can effect us today to help us gain more knowledge and not to make/repeat the same mistakes our elders did. 

I have mentioned the milestones but haven’t talked about them so lets now move on to the milestones that I feel like were the most important for this project. 

I feel like milestone 1 was one of the more important ones because it was like the introduction to the whole project and helped us understand what worldview was and a intro to what we had to do. Milestone was making a how it started/ how its going meme to get taste. We also had to make a layout of our museum. My how it started was Bruce Wayne as a kid the how its going is Batman. I thought this was a creative way to show that meme. My museum was a Batman museum.

Later on we were forced to do certain topics of museums but mine still looked cool. Another important one was Milestone 3 which I already talked about. 

Core Competency: 

We had 2 main core Competencies we had to show. One of them being, responding to text and empowered learner. I showed these competency’s by writing my artist statement A.K.A our argument. This was similar to the test expect not a test and we got assigned questions. We later had to make these statements more brief and voice record them for our museum. I show the empowered learner part by making my new how it started/ how its going picture. At first I didnt want to do it but once I figured out how to use the app I spent 2 hours making it. The app I used to make the picture is called SuperImposeX. It’s like photoshop but for Ipad. I really enjoyed this app and am going to use it again in the future. 


The second competency is establishing historical significance. I dont have much to explain here because this was literally what the test was about. While learning about this stuff we had to take cornell notes and use them during the test. We had about 45 minutes to complete this test and hand it in. I wrote about beliefs and the church. I’m pretty sure I did the test wrong lol. 

In conclusion I learned a lot about medieval and Renaissance times and how they can affect the way we see the world today. I look forward to more projects in the future to improve my iPad skills and learn more. One thing I wish we talked about more is the war part. Other than that this was a solid project. Until next time goodbye 

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