ok so it seems like for day 10 of the student blogging challenge we get to wright about whatever we want. I wasn’t here when it got assigned I was still asleep but that’s beside the point. I’m just super exited to wright a post about superhero’s!



Ok before we proceed further with this post you should know the difference between Marvel and DC. Marvel has a WAY better cinematic story and most of their characters are vibrant and family friendly. Most of them are there are a few like Deadpool and Moonight but majority are family friendly. Marvel also tends to be more funny in their movies. Dc on the other hand is WAY more dark. Like it’s crazy how dark and twisted Dc’s story’s can be. Dc is also more serious with their story’s and what I feel like is also more realistic. Dc also has better animated movies than Marvel. It’s kinda hard to explain the differences I guess you can just kind of tell which is which idk.


between marvel and dc there are a lot of characters that are extremely similar or act as an equivalent to the opposite franchise. Yes there are differences between the characters like the behaviour or the style but they are each others equal from both franchises.  A few common examples of this are:

Marvels Deadpool and Dc’s Deathstroke are each other’s equal.


Dc’s Batman and Marvels Iron-Man (even thought I think Marvels Moonight is a better fit)


Dc’s Red Hood and Marvels Winter Soldier



If you are unclear why they are equal here’s why: Deadpool and Deathstroke are both extremely well trained ex military operators. They both turned into mercenaries and both dont have a problem killing. They both also have regeneration powers. What makes them different is that Deadpool talks a lot and is funny. Deathstroke is a villain. Dead pools healing powers are 10x stronger and faster than Deathstroke.

Batman and Iron-Man. They are both billionaire playboys who co-lead superhero teams. They both have no powers. They are both extremely smart and use their money to make gear for fights. The differences are that Batman is a detective and knows everything while Iron-Man is more of a scientist and is smarter that way. Batman is WAY darker and mostly does his work at night while Ironman works whenever.

Red hood and the Winter Soldier. They were (key word being were) sidekicks to stunning hero’s (Batman and Captain America). They both ended up getting abandoned and messed up. Batman “left” Jason Todd to die A.K.A Robin A.K.A Redhood and Captain America left Bucky A.K.A to jump of a plane. They both got tweaked with. Red hood with the Lasurithe pit and Bucky with super soldier serum and Russian mind control. They both aren’t afraid to kill as well. Come to think of it they  are exactly the same.


ok honestly I think Dc would win. This is a very controversial topic and it really comes down to the facts and stats but I feel like Dc could take the win. If a fight where to happen I like to. Include the villains as well. Batman could definitely take out a vast majority of the marvel team because he’s Batman. Not only that Joker is very evenly matched with Batman and put those two on a team and your in big trouble. Not to mention but Dc also has Superman, Wonder-Woman,  Aquaman and the Flash which are HUGE powerhouses all with their own protage. Batman has at least 10 people he has trained himself. Aquaman has an army of Atlantiens, Wonder Woman has an army of Amazonians, there are several different flash’s all from the same earth and then you have at least 7 different supermen all from the same earth! Not to mention but there also Darksied with a whole planet of demonic creatures that can fly. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be a close fight but Dc definitely takes the W. Marvel does have some powerhouses as well like the Hulk, Thor, Captain America,  Black panther and Thanos. You have all of Wakanda and Thanos army but that’s no match. Yes I am leaving out a ton of other hero’s but I dont want this blog to be like a Harry Potter book so next topic.


honestly I love the idea of the multiverse. It’s kinda hard to explain though. So for Dc you have your standard earth which is earth 1 or earth prime where all the normal hero’s are like Batman, Superman etc. But lets say for example on earth 2 Batman is a werewolf and superman is a vampire. So its the same idea of earth prime but different. In some earths some superhero’s aren’t even created. Like on earth 3 there is no Batman but instead Owlman (Thomas Wayne) who was Batman’s brother (Bruce Wayne). So on this earth instead of a robber killing Bruces parents in a alleyway its Thomas instead who wanted to inherit the Wayne money for himself. On that same night he saw an owl thus the name Owlman. See what I mean? Now in the Dc universe it’s a little less confusing. There are a total of 55 earths in Dc and for every positive earth there’s a negative one too where its consumed by darkness and evil but I wont get into why today. Anyways the Marvel multiverse on the other hand. Oh man if you thought that was confusing just hear this. Ok so Marvels universe go up to the thousands. Just to put it into perspective Marvel COMICS prime earth is earth 616. That’s where the comics take place. The marvel movies take place on earth 199999. Yea I know. That’s a lot of earths. And the crazy thing is that there is a character for each earth from  earth like 10 to 1000 or beyond. Earth 1 for marvel is were the gods are set to be but I wont go into that. It’s pretty fun to take a marvel character and search up on google “Spider-man earth 928” and see what comes up.


anyway sorry for the long post and hopefully you learned something new. If you have any questions about anything superhero related just leave a comment.

Until next time



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