DI project

this was a project unlike no other. This is Destination Imagination. In DI you had choose between 4 different categories. I picked fine arts because it was supposed to be the easiest. And I was right. The goal of DI was to make a music video based off a book. DI is a contest that everyone around the world can compete in in different schools. It’s a competition and your not allowed any help form your parents, teachers and friends from other groups.

as I said I picked fine arts and I got into a group with Ben Y, Cole, Julia, Dana, Gabi, Claire (I think) and myself. There was some conflict on which book we where going to do. Me Cole and Ben wanted to do Clifford the Big Red Dog but that got shut down immediately. We finally settled on Narnia because that was one of the only books we where somewhat familiar with. So we made our name Narnians because yea. But Gabi for some reason didn’t want to do that so we changed out book to Alice and Wonderland instead.

It was really annoying to come up with ideas for the project because most of my ideas “didn’t contribute”. Anyway once we got everything we needed to film like props and clothing we started to film. By the way this was over the spand of a few weeks so we didn’t start filming on the first day.

To be honest filming was actually really fun. Me and Cole where dancing flowers because there weren’t enough roles to fill. We where out there for about 2 hours having a blast filming. The one problem was that it wasn’t much of a music video because majority of our video wasn’t even singing. At the end of the video me and Cole got to do a very epic freestyle rap which really pieced together the whole thing. I’ll show the final product at the bottom.

we also did this other thing in DI called an instant challenge. I’m not allowed to say too much about what we did for it because it’s top secret. An instant challenge is where you get a few materials and a theme and have to use the materials to tell a story, then you get a score of how you did. I can’t say what we did for ours but it was really fun.

Overall DI was pretty fun and very different from anything I’ve experienced. I’m looking forward to next years challenge and as promised here’s the video. I forgot to mention that after we filmed our video we made a Q and A video for our music video. That’ll be down below too. Anyway See y’all next time ✋

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