Walk thee plank!

Ok, so this project was about pirates. It was a pretty short project going for about a week or so. Although this project was short it was very informative and fun. I actually prefer the shorter projects over the longer ones. It felt like it was easier to learn.

To kick off this project we watched a movie. The movie was called captain Phillips. It was a lot better then I thought it would be. I thought it would be some cheesy movie about learning but it was actually really good. It was about modern day pirates on the coast of Siberia and we watched this movie to get a taste of the whole piracy thing and that there are still pirates today. After we had to complete some worksheets.

When you hear someone say pirates you probably imagine these jolly guys singing on a ship looking for some treasure but only half of that is right. And its not the singing part. Pirates where actually ruthless and they kidnapped people, rapist, killed, tortured and more. This honestly shocked me. I had no idea that they where that ruthless.

The main goal of this project was to tell a story in augmented reality using this thing called a story spine. It’s just a way to find key points in the story and make it easier to, well, make. The app we used is called AR Makr. It’s an app that lets you record things in AR and you can add your own images to make it personal to you. During this project there was a lot of note taking which I thought was kind of useless because I didn’t look back at my notes once. Or maybe it helped me understand more for writing it in my own words? I dont know.

Like with any project we do we had milestones we had to complete. Since this project was so short we only had 4 milestone to do instead of the normal 6. I would normally explain only the important ones but since there are so few, I’ll just do them all.

Milestone 1 was just kind of getting a taste on what a story spine is, how to use it effectively, playing with AR Makr and using this thing called a web of consequences which is pretty self explanatory. You make a web with a certain event and wright down he after effects and the before effects. Anyway we had to make a video using AR Makr to show our understanding. Knowing me, I obviously did a Batman one and may or may not have put a little bit too much detail into my drawings but it turned out awesome in the end.

I dont have much to say about milestone 2 because it was very straight forward. All you had to do was make another web of consequences but this time it had to be about your understanding about the Europeans exploration and the discovery of the new

For milestone 3  we had to make a table showing what objects we where going to include into our AR story. We had to show what it’s representing and a brief description of what you had to include in the video. Oh yea, I forgot to add that you had to draw all of your objects.

Milestone 4 was also very straight forward to explain but hard to do. For milestone 4 you had to wright out a script for your video and get approval before going outside to actually fine your video. It took me a few try’s but I still got it.

Like always we had to answer a driving question and that was what was the impact of global exploration. Easy. The impact of global exploration was that without it, we would never have certain things in certain places. Not all animals and food where original from the americas. They where originally from Europe and they brought those things along with them while exploring and trading. I can’t imagine a world without exploring or travelling because it had impacted us so much as a world.

The 3 core Competency’s where empowered learner, analyze, cause and consequence and discussing listening and speaking. I think I did fairly well on these competency’s so now let me explain why.

empowered learner was all about the use of technology and using it to learn efficiently and effectively. I feel good about this one because I used the AR Makr app very well for my first time and am very proud of both videos I made using this app. I also used keynote to help me transport the images into AR Makr itself.

Cause and Consequences I feel like I did this competency fairly well too. I met the requirements to show the consequences of global exploration and the cause of all of it.

Discussing, listening and speaking. In he video I made I fell like I showed my learning throughout this project by giving accurate information about the events and documented it clearly. I also tried to pronounce my words slowly and smoothly while staying inside the timeframe. I used the information we learned in our multiple presentations by Mr. Hughs and applied it to my video.

Over all I genuinely enjoyed this project. It was short and sweet and not to mention, we got pirates packs from whitespot at the end. I learned how to use a new app and more about how pirates actually where. See y’all next time.

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