Hello everyone and welcome to my first Mpol. Mpols are basically a demonstration of my learning and what I can do to improve my learning as a PLP student.

So the Mpol guide thing says that I should start by reviewing my learning plan so I’ll do exactly that. I said that My learning intent for this year is to overcome my bad habit of procrastination, use class time more effectively and work harder. I plan to understand all of my work by double reading the assignment, making sure I understand the assignment and don’t just send it and understand that I am given class time for a reason. I plan to know that I am doing my work to the best of my ability and to know the expectations to accomplish or extend my work. What I will do is not saving all my work for the night before at 12 o clock. I will also spend my class time wisely to get most work done at school. Lastly I will work harder to achieve the extending status if my grade. This I kind of did. My procrastination problem is slowly improving but i am currently writing this at 4am sooo idk.

My growth for humanities was pretty much the thing I listed up there and I wanted to expand my knowledge by researching a bit which I have started doing recently but the procreation part is still a big problem I need to fix.
We haven’t had maker yet so my growth is going of off last years, and that’s saying I want to contribute more to my group this time and be more of a team player and pick the unwanted roles for my team. I haven’t had a chance to try that growth yet but I will.
My growth in sciematics has grown to. Ive started to use my class time way for effectively this term and haven’t had much homework from schematics. The partner one, about finding new partners, I remembered that the partners and seats are picked by the teacher so I can’t reach out to people ii dont ussaly work with.


i feel like the scimatics project that I learned the most from was my game of exponent laws. This project was a group project and we had to make a board game about exponents, our bored game was about sepaus  being the game board and you had to move pieces around to collect raisns to win. I know it sound lame but it was actually very fun.

this project turned out really good and beleave it or not I didn’t even procrastinate! I helped out a lot during the building, creating and ideas. I definitely learned the most from this project. It was about exponent laws. I already new a lot of exponent laws from my dad but this project really helped me extend my learning on it. We did have some trouble with me and Cole getting sick back to back but in the end we had a sun so I was happy.

The humanities project I learned the most from was the first one we did, people and the environment. It was definitely the most boring project but I learned the most. Basically we had to pick out a topic about a nature problem then research it, then write a letter about it to send to the government  Or who ever is helping to stop that problem. Since it was early on in the year all of my earlier assignments where handed in late but as time went on with the project none where late. For the work I would put off some things to the side to do later like commonlit. Commonlit is basically a website for reading Comprehensions. Dosnt sound hard but it was actually very hard and that’s where I learned the most.

There wasn’t any teamwork in this because it was a solo project but that didn’t bother me. My topic was about saving the boreal forests. I actually had a really hard time picking out a topic because there was so many options. When I found this topic tho, I new it was the one. My letter went through many, many revisions but in the end came out really good so we sent to the government. I never got a response. But that’s ok, because I learned a lot of new stuff of our environment, learned to care for it more and this project may not have been fun but it was for sure Interesting.

Here is the final letter product.

it also said to include a reflection for maker but we haven’t don maker yet so I can’t really reflect on that yet. But I can tell you my goals. Based off of last year I’ve realized that one of my strengths is to think on the spot and my ability to be a team player and be Cooperative. I also want to contribute more to my team with ideas,  Solutions and jobs.
so I guess that just about raps it up for the blog post Mpol thing. So now I have to right my Mpol presentation notes 1 hour before I present it. Anyway hope you a great day and see you next time.

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