My science Video Game!

This project has been one of my favourite projects so far, we learned about the 4 states of matter, and the different particles that make up an atom. This process of learning was very interesting, their were many experiments along the way. We learned about diffusion, volume and mass. To take our learning to the next level our task was to create a video game that could display our learning. When I first heard about creating a video game I was nervous and stressed out. I have never really coded before, so this was a hole new experience for me. We used the coding software scratch. Though this software was fairly easy to use it was quite confusing and difficult to learn how to work. There are many different components to scratch and I had a lot of fun exploring and trying out different tools. My idea was to create a bucket that I could move along the bottom of the screen to catch protons. The object of the game was to avoid catching electrons and try and catch as many protons as you could. The more protons you catch the higher your score gets. With the help of you tube videos and Ms Kadi, I was able to create an awesome game. It took me just a couple of days to finish up my final product and adding extra detail, but I was really happy with the end product. This project taught me that just because something seems confusing or hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible to accomplish. Overall I really enjoyed this project and I hope we get to do more things like this. 

Check out my video game here!