Take Your Kid To Work Day! 💼

This past Wednesday I had the amazing opportunity to go with my dad to work. I learned about his job and what his schedule looks like almost every day. My dad just like many other people works at a desk all day. That is all I really new about his career until I was able to investigate further on take your kid to work day. It turns out he has a pretty interesting Job, I had just never taken the time to ask him about it. He is an executive director for the CUCC (Credit Union Central of Canada) which means he runs an organization that supports Credit Unions with technology and services. When I found out he was an Executiive director I was quite curious, it got me thinking and I was able to research and create a video on my learning. 

Through this experience I learned a lot about my dad and his career, but also about what I want to do with my life. Although I did find his job interesting, I do not think it would be the right fit for me. His job is focused more on critical thinking, and I tend enjoy the more creative aspects of a job. For this project in Maker we had to create a short film that captures a day in the life of your parents job, and a bit of a description of their work. I honestly struggled a bit with this video because it was quite hard to create an engaging video when I sat at a desk all day. I was able to use different photos and videos that I took to compose it. To check out my video, click below. ⬇️