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This year’s Google year in review is a well balanced video that shows the trends of 2016. The people who made an impact, the tragic events that went down, and the acts of people who give us hope. Basically, they take the most searched topics on google, and create an empowering video. It sums up the good and bad of 2016, which is good because we learn from our mistakes and get inspired to do better in 2017. Here’s the video if you would like to watch it.


Something in the video that I didn’t recognize was the spaceship landing in the water. After I did more research I found out it was img_1349called Space X. Basically, Tesla Motors CEO and former Paypal entrepreneur Elon Musk, founded Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) with the goal of creating technologies to reduce space transportation costs. They also wanted to enable the colonization of Mars. It was designed to be reusable, and suppply the International Space Station with cargo. After trial and error, it ended up working, and becoming a big achievement of 2016.

While we’re talking about this, let’s bring up the surprising trends, and things that went viral in 2016. Lets start with Harambe. Where do I start? Basically, a three year old boy climbed into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, and was dragged around by a gorilla named Harambe. A zoo worker shot and killed the gorilla fearing for the boys life. Meanwhile, someone recorded and released the video the the internet. Surprisingly it wasn’t just something on the news that faded after a day. It become viral! Therefore, the meme Harambe was born.

Why I mentioned Hamrabe is because first of all, its a very weird and random thing to become a viral meme. It kind of repersents what has gone viral this year. I guess we’ve moved on from funny cat videos…
Oh and I have to mention some more viral things and trends. The “dab”, surprising need for Kanye Wests “yeezys”, “damn Daniel”, Pokemon go, the whole scary clowns sensation, Kylie Jenner’s lips, bottle flipping, pen pineapple apple pen, and so much more. I guess people in 2016 were really devoted on making weird things go viral.

If my life in 2016 had a year in review, it would include a lot. The main thing I would include is the transition from elementary school to high school. Here’s more detail on what my 2016 year in review would be made up of. This year has been huge, creating new friendships, and being exposed to new interests like photography, makeup, and filming and editing videos. First of all my video would start out with me, the 12 year old girl who has a few friends she hangs out with 24/7, with a limited perspective of the world. Younger Luca didn’t really care what people thought, and as high school came along, that changed. Overcoming friends and family issues has changed her as well as travelling and leaving the school she had gone to for 8 years. Next, she moves on to high school, meeting new people and creating bonds she will have all her life. Her perspective of the world, changed and grew for the good. She learned many things from her experiences, becoming much more independent. Basically, Luca left 2016 a different person she entered in as, which isn’t a bad thing.

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