A conference led by a student – SLC

So there’s this pretty snazzy thing called a student led conference, aka SLC. I’m not very nervous because I’m pretty comfortable sharing work I’m proud of to the people I talk to on a daily basis. So getting to the point, this blog post is going to have 4 sections. Let’s begin.

#1. Something I’m proud of. 

Destination Imagination. I was very surprised once I gained my metal health back, that I was proud of it. All the hard work, brain power, money spent, Saturdays dedicated to DI, and a few mental breakdowns later, we had a pretty fantastic storyline, vanishing act and costumes! DI.

#2. Something that demonstrates my learning. 

The advertising unit. There were many dramatic changes in my ads, FOR THE GOOD. To sum it up, there was a lot of critiquing, and drafts. I learnt about how to advertise and intrigue people, by actually creating ads. Oregon , Ads

#3. Something that shows my growth mindset. 

I didn’t like blogging in the beginning, and I thought I never would. After learning and understanding about growth and fixed mindsets, I set a goal to have a growth mindset about my blog. Once I achieved that goal, my blog posts became better, and I also became a better writer. Overall, I recommend changing your mindset for the good. Growth Mindset.

#4 Three goals I am setting for myself. 

1. No procrastination. No distractions. Get the work done well, and efficiently. Don’t torture yourself sitting there for hours trying to write some poems.

2. Get out of your comfort zone! I’m talking about experiencing being in groups with people you haven’t been in! One day I’m going to have to make my own group, and I want to know who I work well with.

3.  Get. Work. Done. In. Class. No Luca, after school your WON’T want to spend 3 hours doing homework. I want to become more self motivated to finish all my work in class so I can have a nice calm relaxing time after school.

Anyways, I hope my SCLS go smoothly and Ms Willemse and Mr Hughes won’t find any spelling/punctuation mistakes in this post.

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