goodbye grade 8

As I look back on the year, I feel accomplished. If it’s the work I created, or the friends I’ve made, I’m proud of myself. This blog post is going to be about my accomplishments in grade 8 and why I’m ready for grade 9.


This year, I experienced a new way to learn. I made new friends. I created a new worldview.
These are all things I’m proud of. I’m truly grateful I had the opportunity to be in PLP. Its everything I wished regular school was like. From the way we are taught, to the respect as learners. Instead of talking about how I’m proud of my work, and how I think PLP is great… I think the best way to show this is through my work, and actual experiences.


I went into PLP, knowing it was going to be tough. If it’s from the stories I’ve heard from Nash, or the things I was seeing my brother make that was taking up the WHOLE dining room table. I was really ready and excited for the challenge. As well as going into PLP being prepared, which is a pro, there was the con that I had moulded my mind to think I was only good at certain things. “Your way better alone, teams aren’t for you.” “Your not good all the fancy iPad things” I told myself. For the first little bit of PLP, I created and learned with those things in my mind, but little did I know, one of the first things we were going to be taught is GROWTH and FIXED mindset. This unit truly opened my eyes. After being taught the difference, after thinking it was just a lame unit, without thinking about it, I learned and created with the thought, you can do anything if you practice and learn from mistakes. I got better in team work, and opened my eyes to new things on my iPad that I could create and edit with. DI, the exploration and change unit all are good examples of teamwork


Something I’m very proud of, is blue sky. I worked so hard on this, and I think it really shows that I’m ready for grade 9.  I’m going to link my blog for blue sky here, which goes into description about it a lot more. I’m proud of it because I put so much effort into it, and a good product came out at the end. Its such a nice feeling to stand in front of a table and know what to say organically, and be happy with the work behind you.



I think an important part of moving onto the next grade, is reflecting on what you did wrong, and what you learned from it. If you don’t reflect on your fails and regrets, your not going to learn and your going to repeat it again. Something I want to get better at not doing next year, is procrastination. I don’t know if this is a realistic thing to fix, but I feel I can get better. I procrastinate. No not just leaving things to the day before its due, I mean I will have 2 weeks to do something but leave it to the night before. I’m going to be honest. I’m writing this at 10:34 pm the night before I have to present this. Doing work late doesn’t necessarily change the quality of my work, I actually do it quite fast because I have the motivation of bed, but I HATE the stress of it. This was my goal in my first SCL, and for a few months I was getting better at it, and then…. (I don’t have a excuse.) I really don’t, I just started going back into my old habit of doing work the night before instead of 3 classes. I also want to provide myself 0 excuses. No Luca is not because you were at a PLP banquet and got home at 10, its because you didn’t do it on the weekend. Anyways, I think this is an important flaw to recognize because I have to move into grade 9 with motivation to fix this habit.


I would call this year a success. From going to Oregon, winning second place in DI, creating so many videos, keynotes, and presentations I’m proud of, making new friends and creating bonds with people in PLP, going to PLP events and so much more. Goodbye grade 8, and I’m ready for you grade 9.

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