PLP Pancake Competition

Let me explain the title… My class and I was assigned to plan out, film, and edit a Live Event. The point of this assignment was to have to plan and then work with the clips you have when editing, for an event you have no control over. I had never done anything like this, so I was excited to tackle the challenge. 

I immediately ran into a problem… I had no live event to film. Then I realized Ms. Willemse said we were allowed to make our own! Maggie, Isy, Adlih, Melika and I decided to make a cooking show. Our goals were to have the event as little unplanned as possible so it was as close to an Live Event, and less as a thing we planned. We first decided our rules for the PLP Pancake Competition. 

I then made an action plan for what photos and videos I needed to take. 

Then we filmed at Maggie’s house after school. It was a very busy and stressful 2 hours as I needed to cook for Isabelle and  Maggies video, and then had to film them cook for my own video. There was a huuuuuuuuge mess at the end of filming. (Sorry Maggie’s kitchen.) We paid attention to detail to things like lighting, audio quality and overall mood of video, while still keeping it real like a Live Event.

Now, the hardest part of this all. Taking my 45 minutes of footage of interviews, cooking, judging etc and turning it to a 2 minute video! Luckily, I had everything I needed thanks to my action plan but it was still hard. I really struggled with cutting down the clips, but I did it. I made three different drafts, and I would show them to you but that would be a waste of time as the only thing I changed between all of them was things like one video glitch, or changing the time of a photo being shown. 

Here is my final video.

I am overall quite happy with it. I think it shows the real ness of the event while still being funny and entertaining. I learnt from this that the planning before hand is really, really important. Without that action plan I would have been lost when filming!

Compared to the other videos I have made in maker like the Choice Recreation Video, is that they are challenging in different areas. The recreation one was challenging in the filming part (paying attention to detail, acting exactly like the actors, etc…) And the Live Event was challenging in the editing, as I had no video to reference on how I should make a 2 minute video including the interviews, cooking, and judging! 

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